Oliver Mintzlaff with Christian Horner and Helmut Marko

2023 was a fairytale season for Red Bull, with 22 wins out of 23. The Red Bull juggernaut was looking unstoppable, leaving behind every other team. With one of the fastest cars on the grid, RBR was adamant about repeating the heroics of 2023. However, the tables were turned as the team stood amid a power struggle that juggled the entire paddock. 

Although the Austrian outfit still dominates the racing circuit, the off-track conundrum intensifies. Amid an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior involving team principal Christian Horner and a female colleague, controversies within the team have intensified. While the Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey, is leaving his designation, experts believe Red Bull’s integrity will be threatened. Moreover, allegations of Horner’ tearing apart’ the team have surfaced, questioning his leadership abilities. However, the Red Bull MD, Oliver Mintzlaff, has extended his support to Horner, praising his efforts. 


Christian Horner And Helmut Marko Will Extend Red Bull’s Domination, Says Mintzlaff


While the Red Bull team consistently performs on the track, outside noises impact the peace. Recently, McLaren CEO Zak Brown took a jibe at Red Bull’s internal unrest as he proclaimed their CVs’ flying’ across the paddock. Further, he was convinced that the Milton Keynes-based outfit would struggle as more ‘dominos’ to fall after Newey. Mercedes Boss, Toto Wolff, joined Brown in instigating a verbal battle as he confirmed Red Bull employees are exploring options. However, Oliver Mintzlaff, managing director of Red Bull GmbH, has retaliated by calling out their rivals. Mintzlaff feels that Wolff’s remarks are disrespectful to the sports. 

In an interview with Bild, Mintzlaff recently confirmed that Horner will continue his leadership role. He praised Horner’s approach to ensure team success. The RBR MD also lauded Adrian Newey for his successful stint with the team. However, he was disheartened by Newey’s decision to leave. Further, he added the team would definitely miss Newey’s services, but it’ll still be able to build a championship-worthy car. Oliver then disclosed his plans for the 2026 regulations, as he is confident Helmut Marko and the team will make the required changes. The German businessman commented on Verstappen’s future, confirming his ties with the team. 

Horner Puts Restrictions On Adrian Newey 

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Red Bull Racing

The relationship between Adrian Newey and Christian Horner may become strained. Despite their two-decade collaboration to elevate Red Bull’s status, things have been unsettled for the last two months, leading to Newey’s decision to step aside.

Red Bull’s leader has imposed restrictions on Newey for the rest of the season. He will not participate in team meetings or review any data until he leaves. His sole task is to concentrate on the development of the Hypercar. This decision was made to protect Red Bull’s privacy, as Newey may join a rival team in the upcoming season.