Lewis Hamilton

The 2023 F1 season concluded this week with the extravagant Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Max Verstappen extended his record-winning season, whereas Mercedes struggled to attain a podium finish. Overall, the Silver Arrows couldn’t be any happier as the disastrous season finally reached its end.

This season, Mercedes hit the lowest of its lows. They concluded the 2023 F1 season without a win for the first time in more than a decade. The W14 was nothing short of a wrecked machinery as it struggled to stay consistent throughout the season despite timely upgrades. Meanwhile, as the season comes to an end, Lewis Hamilton and team boss Toto Wolff offered their harsh assessment of the team’s overall performance.


Lewis Hamilton Throws In Towel For 2024 Season As He Is Wary Of Red Bull’s Progress!

Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton walks back to the pits at the Qatar Grand Prix. Planet F1

While Mercedes registered a nightmarish season in 2023, the fans had some hopes for a better season in 2024. However, Lewis Hamilton’s latest comments might demotivate the fans in the near future. After an underwhelming Abu Dhabi weekend, Hamilton shed light on the team’s chances of chasing the Red Bulls in 2024. The Briton refused to instill false hope amongst the fans’ and offered brutally honest opinion. He said Red Bull had the advantage of starting the development of next year’s car way earlier than the rest of the pack. The drink-based outfield hasn’t touched RB19 since the summer break. Thus, he expects the reigning constructors champions to come out all guns blazing next year as well.

Further elaborating on Mercedes’ overall season performance, Lewis Hamilton again offered his honest take. He said the year has not been great and there is absolutely no positive to take away. The only aspect he is glad about is that he somehow survived the whole season in a wrecked car. “I really don’t know [what to expect of the W15]. The car [W14] was the same as last year for me,” said Hamilton. Undoubtedly, the Silver Arrows are awaiting a daunting task this winter. The engineers have to get W15’s concept right to allow the drivers a chance at making a run for a win and perhaps a championship. Yes, the Red Bulls would come out as lethal force. But a fighting chance is all Hamilton asks from his team.

Mercedes Boss Echoes Hamilton’s Sentiments As He Shares Outlook Of Upcoming Season!


Meanwhile, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff resonated with Lewis Hamilton’s sentiment as he shared his take on the team’s 2023 season performance. While he congratulated Red Bull for a dominating season, Wolff is wary of their progress ahead of the 2024 season. The boss said Silver Arrows have a mountain to climb with respect to chasing down the Bulls.

“Red Bull started the new regulations in 2022 with a massive advantage, and they have been able to maintain it,” said Toto Wolff. The team principal feels it’s highly unlikely for Mercedes to close the gap to Red Bull under the current set of regulations. Perhaps the team will stand a better stance in 2026. But till then, the team and drivers will have to bore the brunt of setbacks.