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Nico Rosberg REPORTEDLY Threatened Max Verstappen Of Ending His Winning Streak With “Roseberg Curse”

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is undeniably the most dominant racer of the current era. Moreover, how can other drivers or teams get a chance to finish at the top of the podium? Max Verstappen has won ten races in a row. He is the first driver in the history of the sport to do so. In the Italian Grand Prix, Verstappen broke the record of the former Red Bull champion driver, Sebastian Vettel.

Recently, Sky Sports F1 pundit Nico Rosberg joked about threatening Max Verstappen. That he will end his winning streak with the Rosberg curse. Moreover, the 2016 champion has recently gained attention for ruining many team’s races. For instance, his old team, Mercedes and also races of Ferrari drivers.  


What Is “The Rosberg Curse” And How Can It End Max Verstappen’s Winning Streak?

Max Verstappen Nico Rosberg
Max Verstappen Nico Rosberg Source: Sky Sports

The 2016 Mercedes champion, Nico Rosberg, has a habit of taking pictures in front of the garages of different teams. Later, he posts those images on Instagram with a suitable caption. But lately, the fans found out that whichever team’s garage Rosberg picks to take a selfie with suffers in the next race. For instance, in the Hungarian Grand Prix, Nico Rosberg took a selfie in front of his old teammate Lewis Hamilton’s garage. Later, on the final day of the race, Hamilton wasted his advantage of pole position to drop to fourth position. On top of that, in Monza, the Sky Sports pundit did not take a selfie in front of any team’s garage, but he did take one in front of the track and captioned, “Forza Ferrari.”

Later, after a lot of tries, Leclerc and Sainz failed to beat Red Bull. The fans blamed Nico Rosberg for the debacle again. Recently, he tried to take a selfie in front of Red Bull’s garage, but the team banned Rosberg from taking one. Later, the Sky Sports pundit mentioned he does not try intentionally to ruin any team’s success. But he would try to take a selfie with Max Verstappen if that helps in ending his winning streak. Moreover, the McLaren team avoided selfies with Nico Rosberg in the Belgian Grand Prix. They wrote on social media that after what happened with Hamilton in Hungary, they had got an idea of Rosberg’s jinxing power.   

What Is The Secret Behind Red Bull’s RB19?

Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez
Red Bull RB19 Max Verstappen Sergio Perez Source: Sky Sports

Moreover, RB19 is arguably the fastest car ever in Formula One. Even the rival star Lewis Hamilton mentioned that the Red Bull car is way faster than the Mercedes cars he drove in his dominant era. Many engineers and experts are trying to figure out what is the secret behind the RB19’s superior pace. Perhaps it can be the unique side pods or the excellent floor suspensions that make the RB19 car gain a lot of pace.

Whatever it is, it helped Max Verstappen so far. He is on his way to win his third consecutive world championships. Moreover, he has won over 37 races in the last two and a half years. Very few racers of all time could even imagine enjoying hegemony in this fashion. But a lot of credit goes to the Red Bull team to provide the Dutchman with the fastest car on the grid.