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The New York Yankees had a pretty good offseason after a terrible 2023 season. Last year, the NY side played its worst season in 30 years. First of all, they could not make the postseason. It was the first time the Bronx Bombers did not make the postseason since 2016. Moreover, the NY side finished fourth in the American League East with an awful 82-80 record. Moreover, there were a lot of injury woes the team had to deal with. On top of that, when the team’s captain and only superstar slugger gets hurt, the whole side suffers. That’s what happened last year.

Moreover, Aaron Judge missed 35 games on the trot after sustaining a toe injury. The Yankees will hope that they don’t have such a long Injured List like last year. Moreover, after some good work during the offseason, the front office managed to land another superstar slugger, Juan Soto. Now, the duo of Soto and Judge makes the 27-time champions one of the best offenses in the league. However, the team has not been doing well in the spring training. Poor performances of the Yankees in the last few spring training games made the fans fear the worst.


Yankees Faithful Worries That It’s Over Even Before The Regular Season Started

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In the last six games of the spring training, the Yankees have lost five. Being 1-5 in the last six games, fans are beginning to lose hope again. Only against the Miami Marlins, the NY side managed to win 8-4. However, the Bronx Bombers lost against the Detroit Tigers, the Baltimore Orioles, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the New York Mets. More specifically, against the Tigers, the Yankees showed their pitching woes. Eventually, the Detroit side won 11-5. It was a disaster, as the hurlers allowed a couple of big innings.

In the second and the seventh innings, the Yankees allowed three and four runs, respectively. As a result, the fans took to social media to call out Brian Cashman and his front office. Some said, “It’s never too late to fire the GM.” Then, some fans cried, claiming it was all over. Moreover, several fans said that the roster is pathetic and that they are showing no fight whatsoever. Then, some fans even questioned the work ethic of the players. They believe these players only play for money and not for the love of the sport. Hence, the Yankees have a lot to answer as the Opening Day is very close. 

Despite Current Struggles, The NY Side Is Finding Depth Options In Spring Training

Somerset Patriots player Austin Wells Credit: Somerset Patriots

The current primary catcher of the New York Yankees is Jose Trevino. However, the team may have found their second option for catcher during the spring training. Ben Rortvedt and Austin Wells are good backup options for the Yankees behind the plate. In the spring training, Wells is really improving. He is catching everybody’s attention.

Wells did not have a great start to the spring training. He went 2-13. But after the first six games, Austin Wells pulled his average to .250. However, Ben Rortvedt had ten plate appearances so far. He hit .300 this spring. But he needs to do better in the big league. In the last 71 major league games, Ben hit .146. 

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