Carlos Rodón of the New York Yankees walks around the stadium after a press conference at Yankee Stadium on December 22, 2022 in the Bronx, New York. (New York Yankees/Getty Images)

In an attempt to bolster the pitching rotation, the New York Yankees signed ace left-hander Carlos Rodon last off-season in a handsome six-year deal worth $162 million. The pitcher had opted out of the two-year contract with the San Francisco Giants and sought a golden opportunity in the Bronx. However, the reality differed widely from expectations.

Carlos Rodon was supposed to be the New York Yankees’ second-best pitcher in the five-men rotation. Instead, he was nowhere close to being a dependable starter. He struggled with injuries, inconsistency, and uncanny antics, which further added to his misery. Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 season, Rodon is expected to rebound in pinstripes.


Yankees’ Carlos Rodon Listed As Rebound Candidate By MLB.com

Carlos Rodon
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When the New York Yankees signed Carlos Rodon in a lucrative deal, they thought they were getting one of the finest left-handed starting pitchers in the league. However, what they received instead was an injury-riddled starter struggling to grapple with a change of scenery. Rodon pitched a mere 14 starts in 2023, wherein his ERA soared to 6.85. He spent half the season on the injury list with multiple setbacks. The pitcher initially missed his opening-day debut owing to a forearm strain, which worsened into chronic back pain. Later, Rodon pulled his hamstring, which nearly ended his debut season in pinstripes prematurely. To add to the misery, Rodon landed on the wrong side of the fans after he disrespected pitching coach Matt Blake on the field.

Regardless, ahead of the 2024 season, MLB.com’s Thomas Harrigan firmly believes Carlos Rodon can bounce back. The pitcher featured in Harrigan’s list of rebound candidates for the coming season. Having said that, the process of rebounding from a challenging season often involves a combination of physical recovery, mental resilience, and adjustments to mechanics or approaches. Rodon has reportedly embraced the offseason with a focus on addressing any lingering health issues, refining his pitches, and preparing for a strong comeback. He has been healthy so far in the off-season and is improving reps to last longer on the mound. As the Yankees embark on the 2024 season, the spotlight will be on Carlos Rodon, who has the opportunity to redefine his narrative and make a lasting impact in pinstripes.

Will Marcus Stroman’s Addition Impact Carlos Rodon’s Role In Rotation?

Carlos Rodon
Carlos Rodon exited with an apparent leg injury during the third inning of Sunday’s game against the Astros. Getty Images

In a bid to bolster the starting pitching rotation for the coming season, the New York Yankees reportedly signed Marcus Stroman in a two-year $37 million deal with a vesting option in the third year. However, Stroman’s addition does not mean Carlos Rodon gets to take a back seat. While Stroman’s presence will fill the empty holes, Rodon still remains the team’s no.2 starter.

Carlos Rodon is expected to bounce back in the 2024 season and be the Yankees’ frontline starter alongside ace Gerrit Cole. He signed up for the same last off-season. And despite the initial setback, Rodon’s expectations still remain the same. He has to pitch 33 starts a year with efficiency to do justice to his hefty payroll.