Mercedes Pit Stop Tyres Change

Arnab Bose

New Tyre Regulation Posing A Big Threat For Mercedes At Hungarian Grand Prix!

Mercedes is gradually falling far behind their arch-rivals Red Bull. After ten races, the Austrian team has been successful in maintaining an unbeaten streak. On the other hand, Mercedes is fighting hard to hold on to the second position. There are new challenges emerging every race for the eight-time champions. In the current season, two teams have surprised every F1 fan with their sudden resurgence – Aston Martin and McLaren.

McLaren’s Lando Norris was able to beat Lewis Hamilton in both the Austrian and British Grand Prix. Clearly, this sudden surge is due to their MCL60 car, which is a copy of Red Bull’s car design. But new challenges keep on coming, not just as a new team but as new regulations as well. Formula One is about to introduce new tyre regulations in Budapest that will allow teams to use only 11 sets of tyres throughout the weekend. And Mercedes is not too happy about this new regulation.


New Tyre Regulations Make Things More Difficult For Mercedes

Pirelli Tyres
Pirelli Tyres Source: Eurosport

From the Hungarian Grand Prix, teams will get the limit of 11 sets of tyre for Qualifying as well as on the final day of the race. It is mandatory for Q1 that teams use Hard tyres. For Q2, teams must use Medium. And for Q3, they must use Soft tyres. This tyre regulation was originally going to start from the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Since the cancelation of that race, the schedule for the introduction of the new rule moved to Budapest. The idea for the change is to decrease the tyre numbers that Pirelli has to bring every race weekend.

But Joseph McMillan, the Senior Race Strategy Engineer of Mercedes, mentioned that this new rule would for sure add to the obstacles of the team this season. The team is aiming to get the most out of the soft tyres on a single lap during the qualifying rounds. A lot goes into that process, like assessing the preparation for the optimum tyre and the best look for lap profile. However, due to this regulation, they have to think about it as three separate compounds. But McMillan thinks that it will ease the pressure since Pirelli will bring the softest range of tyres. The C3, C4, and C5 should be easier to use.

Toto Wolff Is Trying To Stay Positive About Hungarian GP

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff
Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Source:

On the other hand, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff feels the Hungarian Grand Prix has been a lucky venue for his team. Hence, they will go to the place with a lot of good memories. The first win of Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes was in Hungary. George Russell got his first pole position in Formula One last year, along with a double podium for Mercedes. Hence, Toto Wolff feels his team will reach Hungary with a lot of good memories and certain positives from Silverstone. In the end, Lewis Hamilton got a podium in the British Grand Prix. However, the Brackley team is wary of McLaren’s sudden surge.

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff mentioned that if RB19 and MCL60 stand beside each other, then it will look very similar. The side pod design looks very identical. Anyhow, Mercedes is wary of new challenges coming their way constantly. Even though there are more than 50% of races this year still remaining, Mercedes and all other teams are gradually moving out of contention. Red Bull is on their way to win the title with a couple more victories. But the Brackley team is focusing on closing the gap as much as possible.