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Anthony Davis LeBron James Lakers Source: Sporting News

LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been carrying the Los Angeles Lakers for a long time now. This duo helped the Lakers win their 17th title back in 2019-20. King James joined the LA side in 2018. Later in 2019, Anthony Davis came to the Lakers from New Orleans Pelicans. Then they led the purple and gold beautifully. Moreover, both the contracts of James and Davis will end after the next season is over.

Hence, if the Lakers would leave the contract renewal of Anthony Davis for the very end, it would have been highly risky. Moreover, AD was eligible to sign a new contract on August 4. Hence, the Lakers signed Anthony Davis for a three-year contract extension worth $186.6 million. Recently, an NBA executive told’s Sean Deveney that AD’s contract extension allows LeBron James to finish his long and illustrious career with the Los Angeles Lakers.


AD’s Contract Extension Ensures LeBron James Can End His Career With Lakers

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LeBron James Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) Source: MARCA

It is because Klutch Sports represent both Anthony Davis and LeBron James. The contract extension will help Davis to stay with the Lakers till the 2027-28 season. According to the NBA executive, this extension is a message to James that the team needs him for the foreseeable future. Due to the Klutch connections, he has a certain responsibility. If King James leaves the purple and gold after the next season, then Anthony Davis can easily ask for a trade too.

Most of the players are doing that nowadays. Hence, the Lakers want to give a clear message to these two superstars that they need them to stay for at least another three years. It will also come down to the question if LeBron James wants to play even at the age of 41. Moreover, the King was clear when he mentioned his final dream for his basketball career is to play alongside his elder son, Bronny James, in the NBA league. Bronny, if he stays healthy, can make his NBA debut next season. 

Lakers Need The James-Davis Duo No Matter What At Present

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: SBNation

This duo is among the best in the league in recent times. However, the fans expected them to win more titles over the following years. But they did not live up to the high expectations of the fans. Later, both suffered severe injuries that kept them out of the game for a long period. All said and done, the James-Davis duo can still perform at a very high level when they are both healthy. That’s what happened in the last season.

When LeBron James and Anthony Davis came out of their injuries, they led the Lakers to yet another Western Conference Finals. However, things did not end the way they expected. After a humiliating loss to Denver Nuggets, James gave his first hint of retiring soon. It certainly took everybody by surprise, certainly, the Laker’s front office. Anyway, they have been looking up to Anthony Davis to be the Laker’s leader after James is gone. However, LeBron James won’t quit so soon. He will definitely play the next season.