LeBron James Kevin Durant
LeBron James Kevin Durant Source: ABC7 News

LeBron James and Kevin Durant have been among the two greats of the modern NBA. But they have also been great rivals. Ever since Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors from Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016, his rivalry with James went to another level. LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to be the best in the Eastern Conference from 2015 to 2018. But he was only able to win the NBA title with the Cavaliers in 2016. However, the three other times in the NBA Finals, between 2015 and 2018, the Golden State Warriors had the upper hand.

In 2016, Kevin Durant became an integral part of the Warriors. Moreover, he played a crucial role in helping the Warriors become a modern-day NBA dynasty. Later, Durant moved to Brooklyn Nets in 2019. Recently, in 2023, Kevin Durant joined the Phoneix Suns. But the last time he faced off against King James was in 2018 Christmas day. It was LeBron’s debut season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the King could not play till the game ended as he sustained an injury. But the sad part about the James-Durant rivalry is that they did not face off in a match since then. However, after five years of waiting, fans will get to see the rivalry on the court back again.


LeBron James Vs Kevin Durant After Five Years

LeBron James Kevin Durant
LeBron James Kevin Durant Source: ESPN

According to Shams Charania of The Athletics, Kevin Durant will face off against LeBron James again on October 26, 2023. Moreover, Charania mentioned that it will be the home opener for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Phoenix Suns will play the Los Angeles Lakers on October 26, and the fans will get to see the epic rivalry after five years. After their last meeting, Kevin Durant left the Warriors and joined Brooklyn Nets.

He could not play the first season for the Nets because of an Achilles tear. Since then, both LeBron James and Kevin Durant have been through multiple injury issues. But Kevin Durant never got to play against LeBron James in a Brooklyn Nets jersey. Moreover, Durant stayed with the Nets for four years until this year when he joined the Suns. It is for the second time in their career that James and Durant are in the same conference. It is no doubt that fans will have high anticipation for the game on October 26, 2023.

Lakers Will Play Suns At Home Opener; But They’ll Play Nuggets At Season Opener

Nikola Jokic Vs Austin Reaves Lakers
Nikola Jokic Vs Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Sports Illustrated

The two giants of the modern times will have a go at each other after five long years. There are even fans who called for an opening day meeting between the Lakers and the Suns, in fact, LeBron James and Kevin Durant. But the 17-time champions have booked the opening slot for the current champions, Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers have something to even out with the Nuggets. After all, the Nuggets handed the Lakers a humiliating defeat in the Western Conference Finals. Moreover, the Denver Nuggets blew Kevin Durant’s Phoenix Suns too, but in six games. The current champions blew the 17-time champions away 4-0.