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“My Ratings Have Been S*** t,” Lewis Hamilton Honestly Reviews His Qualifying Performance

Sir Lewis Hamilton is eager to get back to winning ways as he wants to win his eighth world championship. But the way the Mercedes car has been performing for the last two years, it looks highly unlikely to happen anytime soon. Moreover, the British driver is not too happy about his own performance either. He knows he could have performed a lot better in Singapore.

Albeit, Hamilton finished at P3 on the podium in the Marina Bay race. But he was not happy with his own performance in the qualifying sessions of Singapore and, lately in Japan. The seven-time champion is eager to turn things around in the qualifying sessions first. Recently, Lewis Hamilton spoke to UOL ahead of the Grand Prix in Japan. Moreover, he mentioned his performance in the qualifying sessions lately has been like “S**t.”


Lewis Hamilton Highly Critical Of His Own Performances In The Qualifying Sessions

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
# 44 Lewis Hamilton (GBR, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team), F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina Circuit on December 12, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by HOCH ZWEI)

Both Mercedes and Hamilton could enjoy their first victory this year in Singapore. But a lackluster performance in the qualifying sessions cost the Mercedes team the chance of winning their first victory this season. Now, what will Mercedes do in Japan? Only time will be able to answer that. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton mentioned he has been performing terribly for two years. He believes he must start performing better than average because, for the last two years, he has been producing below-par performances. Moreover, Hamilton is eager to change that.

Adding to that, Lewis Hamilton mentioned he was hoping to go to sleep on Saturday night and wake up with a better mentality. But he said that the plan did not work as he still was very thoughtful. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton did not have any clue about how the race would go like. He generally feels positive about going up front. However, on the last weekend, that feeling stayed with him. Albeit, Mercedes did not win in Singapore. But Lewis Hamilton was happy with the aggression and tenacity that his team showed in the Marina Bay race last Sunday.

Mercedes Ace Feels Rivals Should Easily Win In Japan

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Handshake
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Handshake Source: PlanetF1

However, Hamilton believes their rivals, Red Bull, should get back to winning ways in Japan. The Red Bull team had a difficult outing in Singapore. But the seven-time champion says Red Bull should stay 30 seconds ahead of the rest in Suzuka as they have been the whole year. The track in Suzuka should help the Austrian team more. Hamilton says if Red Bull doesn’t win in Japan he would think something is up with them. However, Mercedes could have had a double podium if George Russell would not had an unfortunate DNF last weekend.

But most drivers believe Carlos Sainz of Ferrari won the race because he had the advantage of pole position in Singapore. But why did not Hamilton or Russell have a pole position in the Singaporean Grand Prix? The Mercedes team had been performing well in the high downforce circuits in this season so far. They faced more troubles in the low downforce circuits like in Spa and Monza. But still, Ferrari was faster than Mercedes in the Marina Bay race weekend. Carlos Sainz managed to break the winning streak of Red Bull and Max Verstappen.