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Most Hated MLB Player Who Stole Yankees’ World Title In 2017 Out For At Least 2 Months In The Start Of The Season

New York Yankees fans rejoice as Houston Astros’ key baseman suffers severe blow during World Baseball Classic 2023.

Houston Astros and New York Yankees share one of the most exciting rivalries in MLB. An intense quality baseball game is set on display during their clashes in the regular as well as postseason. Not only that, the Astros are responsible for the Yanks not lifting their 28th World Series title. Hence, the brutal fan base of New York never shies away from venting their true emotions on the Astros.


Meanwhile, the New York Yankees fan base shares mutual hate for Astros baseman Jose Altuve. Jose made headlines in 2017 when he was named one of the accused in the infamous sign-stealing cheating scandal. Apparently, in the finals of 2017, Jose, with a few of his teammates, unlawfully stole signs by banging trash cans. The baseman, however, offered an apology afterward on expressed his regret. However, the New Yorkers had none of it as they still reminded him of that scandal by booing him at the Yankees’ stadium.

Houston Astros’ Baseman Jose Altuve Suffers Major Injury In WBC

Photo by Daniel Shirey/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Jose Altuve, the star baseman of the Houston Astros, dealt with a thumb injury during the World Baseball Classic’s matchup between USA and Venezuela. In the fifth inning, a pitch of 95 mph from Daniel Bard hit smashed Jose’s right thumb, which led to his abrupt retirement from the rest of the game. Moreover, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the baseman could likely miss at least two months of the 2023 MLB regular season.

The New York Yankees fan base would certainly now wish Jose Altuve a speedy recovery. After the 2017 cheating scandal, Jose was accused of stealing the championship from the Yankees. Moreover, he even faced the wrath of the fans, who convicted him of stealing the MVP award from Aaron Judge. However, time and again, Jose has issued a clarification and even apologized for the entire fiasco. Still, the New Yorkers are true New Yorkers. They would never let go of any opportunity to target Jose for his past actions and make him regret it for the rest of his life.

Can The Astros Seek To The Yankees For Help?

Isiah Kiner Falefa-Aaron Boone (Yankees)

Meanwhile, despite enough depth in the bullpen, the Houston Astros would certainly not rule out trade talks. Andrelton Simmons and Jonathan Villar remain their best bet in the free-agent market. However, one option in the New York Yankees camp could prove to be a like-for-like replacement. But will the Astros be willing to let go of the ego to even initiate the trade talks?

The player is none other than shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa. Isiah has almost lost the shortstop battle to the young prospects. Moreover, he is trying to fit in as a utility player to prove his worth somehow. For the Astros, Isiah could be a perfect replacement at second base. After playing as a shortstop last season, Isiah was demoted to second base by the Yankees manager. Hence, he has enough experience to showcase on his resume. Moreover, the fans and front office would not mind sending away the shortstop for a cheap deal.