Juan Soto
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Outfield upgrade will remain the New York Yankees’ top priority this off-season. With Jasson Dominguez on IL for the first half of the 2024 season and persisting left-field woes, the Yanks need not only one but multiple outfield pieces. The front office did acquire a couple of outfield prospects from the Brewers this week.

But neither of them is close to being major league-ready. Also, considering the Yankees’ roster construction, they need a strong face in the hitting lineup, which will shape an offensive resurgence in 2024. A few weeks ago, Juan Soto of the Padres was linked to the Bronx. However, speculations over San Diego’s unwillingness lowered the odds. Yet, a renowned MLB insider thinks otherwise.


Jeff Passan Still Believes Yankees Are Strong Suitors For Juan Soto!

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New York Yankees and Juan Soto’s potential trade rumors refuse to die down. San Deigo Padres’ financial plight gave birth to the rumors last month. However, after the recently held general managers meeting, dynamics within the Padres changed. Apparently, Padres general manager AJ Preller has been advised to hold on to the generational star till the deadline to fetch higher exchange value. Additionally, Peller feels that they would be giving away the season by trading Soto early into the off-season. Amid growing uncertainties, MLB insider Jeff Passan recently shared a positive update that might lift up the Yanks’ shattered hopes.

On the Michael Kay show, Jeff Passan said that the New York Yankees have a strong chance of going out and getting Juan Soto this off-season. Besides the Bronx Bombers, the Seattle Mariners and Chicago Cubs are also strong contenders, but they lack the depth to match the Padres’ steep asking price. Meanwhile, the Yanks have exactly what the Padres demand, which is top pitching prospects. Bombers have Spencer Jones, Chase Hampton, and Drew Thorpe in the farm system, ready to be moved if the situation demands. Additionally, Everson Pereira and even Austin Wells could be included to lure the Padres. Thus, overall, the potential trade scenarios seem plausible, provided San Deigo lowers its guard.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto Likely To Be Posted Next Week!

Yoshinobu Yamamoto
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Meanwhile, the New York Yankees’ most sought-after free agent, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, is making his way to the Major League baseball. The Japanese ace’s request to move to the United States was approved earlier this month by Orix Buffaloes, thus beginning the player posting process. Now, as per Buster Olney of ESPN, Yamamoto could enter free agency as soon as Monday next week. Post that, MLB teams would have a 45-day negotiating window to land the ace starting pitcher.

In short, the New York Yankees still have until January 4 to land Yoshinobu Yamamoto. But of course, the pursuit is easier said than accomplished. The city rivals New York Mets plans on foiling the Bronx Bombers’ plans by making an even better offer. It will all come down to the monetary aspect per se. The one to throw the most number of dollars would unsurprisingly win the contest. Nevertheless, the bidding war will generate a lot of excitement amongst New York’s sporting community.