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Mike Elliott Reveals Mercedes’ Secret Weapon That Can Get Their Drivers Back Into The 2023 Title Battle

Mercedes started the 2023 F1 season slow! Slower than Red Bull, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. No hope for them to get into the championship fight was collected as the team remained slow in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Lewis Hamilton’s fifth, both at Sakhir and Jeddah. On the other hand, his teammate George Russell managed to claim some of the improvements from the upgrades that Mercedes brought to the W14. He was at P7 in the Bahrain Grand Prix. But in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the 25 years old managed to get nearest to the podium at P4. This little improvement in his performance came as a piece of good news to Mercedes! as it was the result of the hopeful upgrade.

In addition, the technical director of Mercedes, Mike Elliott, emerges to spread positivity in the Brackley-based team. He can see a positive prospect for the team in the upcoming races. He is, in fact, sure about the claim that “the Silver Arrows will get into the battle for the 2023 championship”. When Aston Martin, a customer team of Mercedes, can initiate a strong comeback, then why can’t they do it with a little alteration in the concept of the W14 car?

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Mike Elliott with George Russell

Mike Elliott Can See The Positive Aspects Of Mercedes’s Upgrades

Looks like, despite the lackluster of Mercedes, there is still a reason for them to be optimistic about the result of the year. Mike Elliott explains how.

Speaking with Sky Sports, the technical director of the team said, “Mercedes started seeing some of the developments already, and this is going to let the team back into the championship fight.” At this time, all that the team needs to do is “Keep Pushing.” And this attitude of keep pushing harder each time has been well adopted by each member of the team, as speaks to Elliott.

All the Formula One teams usually bring some fascinating upgrades to the car in May. But even before returning to Europe, Mercedes is ready to launch some additions. The team is ready to take some steps ahead in terms of improvement in the Australian Grand Prix. Mike explains how Mercedes is planning for a comeback.

Australia Will Be Good For Mercedes, Says Christian Horner, Along WIth Mercedes Technical Director

The first aim they chose is to “learn” as much as possible. The two races held so far are not enough to let them build trends. But still, they are trying to point out some of the tricks. Speaking of the circuits and tracks, Australia seems “front-limited” to Mike Elliott as the Albert Park Circuit is more like the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

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Mercedes W14 in Development

Nevertheless, the hopes are alive. Mike Elliott hopes to find another small step forward in Australia. The upgrades that the team is constantly working on might let the Mercedes W14 survive in the front in the very competitive environment at Melbourne this weekend. Or if not, then they will definitely get some learning from the third race of the 2023 season, which will help them improve in the long term. On the other hand, the German team got another positive speech from a rival. His name is Christian horner, and he is the boss of the rival team Red Bull. But he has faith in Mercedes that the team will surely sort out the problems with the car before the Australian Grand Prix arrives.