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Mets Hitter Stares Down At Yankees Carlos Rodon After Getting Hit By A Pitch! Heated Moment Caught On Camera

Subway series between city rivals New York Yankees and New York Mets has always been a highly anticipated matchup. The best of the best baseball players compete against each other to entertain the hardcore fans of the vibrant city of New York. Meanwhile, the second and final subway series of the 2023 MLB series is currently underway, and it’s already hyped up.

In the series opener, the Mets trashed the Yankees by 9-3. Mets starter Justin Verlander pitched at the top of his game and restricted the Yanks from scoring in his six-inning stay. On the other hand, Yankees starter Domingo German gave away six runs in his six-inning stay. Despite the setback, the hosts came back fighting in the second game and managed to level the series. However, a particularly heated moment went viral as the intensity of the matchup elevated.


Mets Jeff McNeil Hit By Carlos Rodon’s Pitch, The Former Stares Angrily At The Pitcher


Yankees most prized possession, Carlos Rodon, has not been at his absolute best since returning from injury. In the past three starts, he has failed to provide the Yanks with a win until Wednesday. In his fourth start of the season against the Mets, Rodon gave away just one earned run in 5.2 innings while striking out four hitters. However, his evening ended on a bittersweet note. During the top of the fourth inning, Mets hitter on the plate Jeff McNeil got drilled by a 96 mph fastball off Rodon. Jeff immediately fell to the ground, threw his helmet away in anger, and looked in absolute pain.

The hurt hitter gave a long stare to Rodon before the medical staff rushed to him for treatment. Carlos Rodon also looked remorseful. The concerning look on his face suggested that he did not intentionally hurt Jeff McNeil. Fortunately, the Mets batter was up on his feet and continued his at-bat. The moment was caught on camera and extensively shared by the fans on social media. Meanwhile, after the game, Jeff clarified that he had nothing against Rodon. He understands that the pitcher has had a problem with direction ever since returning from injury. Moreover, even if the Yankees thrower did it with bad intentions, the MLB authorities will hold him accountable. It’s frustrating, yet a part of the game.

Yankees Starter Issues Clarification After Hitting Mets Hitter With Wild Pitch

Carlos Rodon
Credit: Dustin Satloff/Getty Images. Pictured: Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon.

Meanwhile, Carlos Rodon, who hurt Mets hitter Jeff McNeil with a wild pitch, reveals his side of the story. Rodon said that he did not intentionally hit McNeil and even apologized to him after the game. The Yankees pitcher believes that everybody playing on the ground is professional. It’s their livelihood. Hence, nobody, including him, in their right mind would think of hurting an opposition like that.

Overall, the entire controversy ended then and there as both sides did not raise the issue any further. Meanwhile, the series is now leveled 1-1 after the Yankees won the game on Wednesday. The series finale will kick off on Thursday as both sides will be looking to triumph in the final subway series of this year’s tournament.