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Sanskar Tiwari

Mercedes W15 Facing Severe Bouncing Issues Just Like its Predecessor: REPORTS

Formula 1 enthusiasts, buckle up for an exhilarating ride into the heart of the 2024 season as Mercedes lifts the veil on its latest engineering marvel, the W15. With a promise of improved handling and predictability compared to its predecessors, the W13 and W14, Mercedes aims to redefine the game in this season’s ground-effect era. As the Bahrain paddock preps for the season opener, the spotlight is on George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, the dynamic duo behind the wheels, ready to navigate the twists and turns of the competition.

Mercedes W15 Different Beast But Same Issues

Addressing the media, George Russell shared insights into the evolution of the W15, emphasizing its departure from the familiar traits of the previous models. The 2024 car is not just an iteration; it’s a ‘totally different race car.’ Russell highlighted the need to reevaluate their approach to setup, hinting at a learning curve that comes with adapting to the W15’s nuances.

George Russell
F1/George Russell

Russell pointed out that while the W15 mirrors the essence of how a race car should feel, there’s one lingering challenge: bouncing during braking. This issue, focused on braking stability rather than the notorious bouncing problems of the W13, was notably observed during pre-season testing. The team is pushing boundaries, exploiting the car’s limitations, and Russell assures fans that this is all part of the testing process.

When asked about the 2024 upgrade plan, Russell expressed confidence in the development slope of the W15, citing a better platform than its predecessors. However, he acknowledged a shortfall in outright performance, particularly in downforce. Despite the challenges, the team is optimistic about refining the W15’s performance throughout the season.

Hamilton’s Perspective

Lewis Hamilton echoed Russell’s sentiments, acknowledging the W15 as a ‘better starting place’ compared to the past two years. With an improved platform, the team is gearing up to tackle the challenges presented by rivals Red Bull and Ferrari. Hamilton, known for his determination, admitted they still have work to do but remains relatively content with the progress made.

Mercedes W15
F1/Mercedes W15

Responding to a question about a statement made by Russell in Netflix’s Drive to Survive, Hamilton dismissed any notion of losing faith in Mercedes. Despite choosing to join Ferrari in 2025, Hamilton firmly believes that Mercedes will clinch another championship. He praised the team’s history, the commitment from top to bottom, and his readiness for a new challenge in the latter stages of his illustrious career.

As the Bahrain Grand Prix inches closer, the anticipation surrounding the Mercedes W15 intensifies. A ‘different beast’ indeed, the W15 presents challenges that the team is actively addressing. With Russell and Hamilton at the helm, the team remains resilient, ready to navigate the competitive landscape of Formula 1. The season opener promises not just a race but a spectacle, as the W15 seeks to carve its name in the annals of F1 history. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions and high-speed drama as the Mercedes W15 takes center stage in the pursuit of victory.