Mercedes Pit Stop Tyres Change
Mercedes Pit Stop Tyres Change Source: PlanetF1

Clearly, Team Mercedes is not having a great time on the grid since last year. It is weird to think about what the scenario was two years back. The Brackley-based team was the most dominant team, and they had been winning eight years in a row. Needless to say that they had the fastest car on the grid back in those days. However, to improve the fortunes in 2023, the Brackley team introduced several upgrades since the Monaco Grand Prix. First of all, they did not have any side pods since the previous season.

Finally, in Monte Carlo, Mercedes introduced the B-spec version of the W14 car. The new car had side pods, front and floor suspensions. In Silverstone, during the British Grand Prix, Mercedes introduced a new front wing. However, it did not change their luck much. They have not won a race yet. Recently, they revealed the drivers have been driving an annoyingly dead car in the middle of corners.


Why Is The Mercedes Car Annoyingly Dead In The Middle Of Corners?

James Allison Mercedes
James Allison Mercedes Technical Director Source: Sky Sports F1

The cause of this problem is the balance of the W14 car. On the Mercedes website, James Allison, the technical director, mentioned they have been too cautious regarding the ride height. It was a mistake. Now they are trying to correct it. Moreover, Allison explained that the team is trying to improve the balance and handling of the car. Adding to that, Mercedes’ technical director said that bread and butter downforce is the right way to go.

The Brackley team is trying to make the car more reassuring for George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. It is too reactive at present. But there is another problem when they get to the apex. It does not bite where the team wants it to at the front. After first turning the wheel, it is not stable, and when they get to the apex, it feels annoyingly dead. But James Allison says that they want it the other way around. Moreover, that’s what the team is currently working on.

Toto Wolff Hopes His Team Give The Drivers A More Reliable Car Like The Old Days

Toto Wolff Mercedes
Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: RacingNews365

On the other hand, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff mentioned a lot of potential could come out if the team provides the drivers with a more comfortable car. The Austrian billionaire mentioned that drivers need more reliability with their cars. Moreover, Wolff also said that they need a platform in terms of balance and feeling in the car. From 2014 to 2021, Mercedes dominated the F1 grid-like no other team in history. It was the turbo-hybrid era, and it belonged to the German team.

However, things turned topsy-turvy since the introduction of the cost cap era. Moreover, Mercedes forgot the recipe to prepare or build the fastest car anymore. Hence, they let their arch-rivals, Red Bull take control. On the other hand, the Silver Arrows struggled with their car due to porpoising issues and many more. In 2023, Mercedes is facing less trouble of bouncing, but the balance of the car is a major concern. Moreover, the rear end has been causing problems throughout the season. They must fix it as soon as possible.