Mercedes W14 Upgrades
Mercedes W14 Upgrades Source: Yahoo Movies UK

Mercedes is hoping to redeem themselves after an awful season last year. They did not have a great season so far in 2023 so far. The team is yet to win a race, as all the wins have gone to Red Bull’s bag so far. And Mercedes has been struggling with their car’s aerodynamic flaws for a long time. However, they have implemented new upgrades in Monaco, and since then, they have been improving. Albeit, the Brackley team could not get a podium in Monaco.

But in the Spanish Grand Prix, Mercedes had their best performance so far. They finished two-three as it was the team’s first double podium this year. Last year, Mercedes had a one-two finish in Sao Paolo, Brazil. In these two years, the last Brazilian Grand Prix is still their only victory so far. And fans have been waiting a long time to see Mercedes win a Grand Prix, let alone a championship. However, sadly, the Silver Arrows have been displaying improvements in the previous two races in Spain and Canada. But this time, Toto Wolff expects the race in Austria next weekend to generate better results.


Mercedes Boss Feels The Car Should Perform Better In The Red Bull Ring

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There are still a lot of flaws with the Mercedes car. The rear-end downforce is still troubling the drivers, and the W14 car is struggling at the low-speed corners. With the Monaco upgrades, the team has introduced new side pods along with front and floor suspensions. But Mercedes boss Toto Wolff mentioned that they would introduce two more modifications in the next four races before the summer break. The most significant upgrade is waiting at the British Grand Prix. However, the team principal suggests the upgrade in the next Grand Prix in Austria is going to be no less significant. He feels that Mercedes will have a great time in Austria.

The Brackley team has gained confidence after the results of the Canadian Grand Prix. They did not expect the team to enjoy such pace of the car and get a podium. But Mercedes did get a podium with Lewis Hamilton. Moreover, George Russell was driving at a good pace until he crashed into the wall. Hence, Toto Wolff believes if W14 can perform well in Montreal, Canada, then it should do better in Austria. Moreover, it is Wolff’s home track. Adding to that, Wolff mentioned that he has a lot of memories in that place as a driver, then an instructor, and now as a principal. However, Toto Wolff says his team will not take anything for granted. Instead, they will work hard to maximize the performance of the car.

Can The Silver Arrows Break The Dominance Of Their Rivals?

Christian Horner Toto Wolff
Christian Horner Toto Wolff Source: PlanetF1

Vividly, Mercedes will look to continue the positive momentum they have generated in the previous two Grands Prix. But George Russell’s form will be a worry for the team. He could not get a podium in Canada due to his crash. Excepting the Spanish Grand Prix, Russell did not have a great season so far.

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton got his third podium in Canada. However, Mercedes is still 154 points behind Red Bull, who’s still leading the table. The Milton Keynes team is enjoying a healthy lead over the others. But only time will tell if Mercedes is able to break their hegemony or not. The fans will love to see an intense battle between the two rivals.