Toto Wolff Lawrence Aston Martin
(L to R): Toto Wolff (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 Shareholder and Executive Director with Lawrence Stroll (CDN) Aston Martin F1 Team Investor on the grid. 04.07.2021. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 9, Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg, Austria, Race Day. –, EMail: [email protected] © Copyright: Moy / XPB Images

Toto Wolff, the principal of team Mercedes, has several friends from the paddock of Formula One. Lawrence Stroll, the chairman of the F1 British team Aston Martin, is one of them or was one of them. The Astons have a deal with Mercedes to provide engines. This has been a long-term, no-poaching contract. But unfortunately, a few inappropriate things done by both teams led the once-good relationship between the two to get poorly broken.

Reportedly, there has been a breach in the contract between the two teams following the transfer of Mercedes’s chief aerodynamicist, Eric Blandin, to the Aston Martins. Mercedes claimed that the British team poached one of the best aerodynamicists last year, breaking the no-poaching agreement. But Martin’s point was that they did not do anything; it was Eric Blandin who approached them! But somehow, Wolff still can’t see the matter as anything except for the ‘poaching’ thing.


Mercedes Breakup With Aston Martin Leads A Close Relationship With Williams

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Mercedes Boss toto Wolff and Aston Martin Owner Lawrence Stroll

The relationship between the two leaders is not good since then. But a report from Business F1 suggests that now that Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll has accused Wolff of stealing the Wind Tunnel time from his team, they are no less than enemies. Plus, we can see what’s happening in the 2023 F1 world championship. At one end, Mercedes is failing to meet expectations, and at another end, Aston Martin is going beyond the expectation. Instead of Mercedes, Fernando Alonso’s new team initiated a strong comeback, getting on the podium consecutively three times in the three races held so far. The team secured 65 points which are nine more than Mercedes but half of Red Bull’s 130.

In addition, Mercedes’s growing closeness with Williams Racing remains another factor suggesting how far Wolff has gone with Stroll. Recently, James Vowles, who has been the chief advisor of Mercedes, has got promoted to the sister team of Williams to serve in the role of boss. It is believed that this promotion was a result of the good relationship both team shares. Moreover, Business F1 claims that Mercedes is ready to make Williams their B team.

Astons Not Yet Happy With the Podium Comeback, As Lawrence Stroll Wants Wins

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Aston Martin Chariman and Fernanod Alonso

On the other hand, it is really sad to see that even with the sudden unexpected rise of Aston Martin, its owner, Lawrence Stroll is not much happy. He doesn’t want podiums. He wants wins. Fernando Alonso is a two-time world champion, no ordinary driver. When he gets the car, he shows how to drive it and wins. This season has been good for the Spaniard as, after so long, he is back on the podium. Everyone on the team feels fulfilled. The world is praising them for the hard work that paved their way to the podium. But “When are we going to win the next one?” this question that Stroll may ask soon to the team’s boss Mike Krack is what haunts him.

Obviously, he is happy we have made a step, but this is not enough for his ambitions,” said the team principal about Lawrence. He wants more as the Aston Martin is not going to settle now. They are trying hard to deliver more. However, the fact that beating Red Bull needs a “monumental” performance is somehow discouraging the team.