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Mercedes, the team with eight constructor’s championship trophies, is arguably the best team of Formula One in terms of bringing innovations and developments in the car. Fans always wonder what goes on in the Mercedes factory situated in Brixworth. The very well-shooted video is already uploaded in numbers, but what happens behind the camera is really interesting to see.

It is the same factory where Mercedes mastered itself in adjusting to the turbo hybrid engine formula launched in 2014. Mercedes, a high-performance power train, remained the strongest among all other Formula One teams for almost a decade. The journey started with the legend Michael Schumacher in 2009 and ended up bringing another seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, and undoubtedly many other legends on the way.
Not only for developing great drivers, but Mercedes got fame also for its powerful engines. They supply machines to McLaren, Aston Martin, and to Williams. This is the video covering the scenes of the Brixworth Mercedes factory.


This year, the team has been supposed to come back stronger. After what happened last year, fans are demanding high this time. Apparently, the W11 was the car that set Mercedes fandom’s expectations so high. And thus, when fans demanded a black livery in W14, they fulfilled their demand. The Silver Arrows changed the livery of the 2023 F1 challenger from the traditional silver scheme to black again. This was basically done to cope with the weight. But fans started hoping that the Mercedes-winning era is back.

Toto Wolff Wants To Say That “Mercedes Is Competitive,” But He Just Can’t

Besides, it is fascinating to see the confidence of the Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, who boldly claims that the W14 will eventually become stronger enough to win the 2023 World championship. But he could not be unrealistic, still healing from the trauma he got in 2022 with just a single win. Just after the car’s launch on February 15, Toto Wolff said, “At one end, we want to claim that ‘we will be competitive,” but at the other end, you need to stay humble and realistic. So you could say I hope that Mercedes will be competitive.”

According to Toto Wolff, the mid-way round this year is “We will be competitive,” But no one knows the outcome yet. He believes that, at present, the Brackley Based-Team is just at the slope. Where the team wants to see themselves in terms of performance, what they expect from the end of the season, gets a huge slap when they see others doing so well.

Mercedes boss

Wolff admitted that humility is most important. Mercedes have always tried to be humble, and especially after last year, the team never forgets to be realistic. Claiming anything bold is not possible for the Mercedes boss, and so he just hopes to see a great year ahead.