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Mercedes Poach Former Red Bull Aerodynamics Developer To Reclaim Lost Dominance

Mercedes, one of the longest-reigning champions of Formula One, witnessed a downfall following the controversial 2021 season. They took a gamble and restructured the concept of car design. However, the move backfired as the newly designed car developed multiple issues, including extreme bouncing and porpoising. This led to a heavy loss of pace as the Silver Arrows could manage only one win in the entirety of the 2022 season.

However, this season, the situation worsened more than ever. The team stuck to the car design and made some minor changes to cut the bouncing issue. While the Brackley-based team got rid of the said problem, the machinery still lacks a lot of pace. On the other hand, rivals Red Bull advanced significantly as they currently sit over 10 -15 seconds quicker than the Silver Arrows. Hence, to curb the gap, the Toto Wolff-led team has gotten hold of a prominent former Red Bull employee.


Mercedes Hire Former Red Bull Aerodynamicist In Latest Move

Toto Wolff
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Regulation changes and problematic car concepts have dented Mercedes’s performance massively over the past couple of seasons. The team has also struggled with managing aerodynamics as it led to a loss of heavy pace. With the team plunging down further in the constructor’s championship, the Silver Arrows have made a significant move. Apparently, the Brackley-based team hired Adil El Ouazizi as the new principal aerodynamicist. It is important to note that Adil has previously offered his services to Red Bull from 2018-2023. Apart from this, he has also worked with McLaren and Ferrari.

While employee switches are nothing new in Formula One, this particular exchange between rival teams has raised a lot of eyebrows. Some suggest that Mercedes are trying to poach Red Bull employees in order to copy the latter’s car concept. The Brackley-based team is desperate to reclaim its lost dominance and is willing to resort to any means. However, it’s important to note that hiring a single former employee of a rival team is not enough to turn things around. The entire group of engineers and aerodynamics will have to work together to bring a change collectively. The ongoing summer break is a perfect opportunity for the Silver Arrows to figure out the problem and work towards a viable solution.

Silver Arrows Asked To Copy Red Bull’s Rear End By Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton
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Lewis Hamilton has been very vocal about his criticism of the W14. He has apparently figured out the key element restricting the machinery’s performance. Hamilton said that the W14’s rear end is very weak. The rear is where the car generates pace on the corners. It’s an area where Mercedes has lost a lot of pace.

Hence, Lewis Hamilton has urged Mercedes to head in Red Bull’s direction and copy their rear-end design. According to the British driver, it’s a key aspect that will contribute heavily to the W14’s performance gains. All things said and done, the second half of the season will be crucial for the team. It would be interesting to see how they utilize the summer break and turn it in their favor.