Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: SBNation.com

Sir Lewis Hamilton is trying his level best to get back on the top of the podium. But it has been really hard for the Mercedes star in the last couple of seasons. After ruling the F1 grid for more than seven years, suddenly, Hamilton found himself without a championship-winning worthy car. In 2021, he came so close to winning his eighth driver’s world championship.

Anyway, lately the question that is in the mind of every F1 fan is, can Mercedes repeat last year’s defeat of a one-two finish in Brazil? However, it looks difficult as Lewis Hamilton has been complaining about the tires more now than before. Recently, the Mercedes development driver Esteban Gutierrez revealed on the F1 Nation Podcast that Hamilton’s complaints were his tricks to regain the F1 spotlight.


Mercedes Development Driver Reveals The Psychological Trick Of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Sport

Moreover, the 32-year-old development driver mentioned Lewis Hamilton is pretty strong psychologically. Additionally, Gutierrez mentioned that Hamilton might not truly believe in what he is complaining about. But the seven-time champion is just letting those things get out of his system. Moreover, Gutierrez pointed out that this psychological process helps in maximizing his situation. It is not really new for Lewis Hamilton as he has done such things before where he indicated something but eventually did the total opposite. Moreover, Sky Sports reporter Natalie Pinkham mentioned the problem with Hamilton’s tricks. That he can’t keep doing it again and again, it is because people start seeing through those tricks.

Adding to that, Natalie Pinkham said, “The drivers will be like, come on, give us a break.” Moreover, trackside reporter Tom Clarkson agreed with his fellow colleague Pinkham. Regarding these notorious tire complaints, Lewis Hamilton told the YouTube channel CrowdStrike that it is essential to be careful while he is bluffing his teammates. But Hamilton said that these bluffs worked certain times to his benefit, and sometimes it does not. Every team can hear other drivers whenever whoever is pitting. Anyway, the F1 pundits can all agree that the tire management of Lewis Hamilton is great. 

Can Mercedes And Lewis Beat Ferrari And Red Bull In The 2023 Brazilian GP?

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Handshake
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Max Verstappen Red Bull Handshake Source: PlanetF1

However, things changed drastically as Max Verstappen took over the domination in 2021. Since then, Hamilton and Verstappen have been going on an opposite trajectory. While Verstappen’s winning streak is just getting longer and longer, on the other hand, Lewis Hamilton’s losing streak is getting longer, too. Since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the seven-time champion has been winless. Moreover, the Mercedes driver has not been happy with the progress of the car. He might acknowledge the fact that his team has fixed certain issues like porpoising, but the car has not yet helped in winning a Grand Prix.

Last year, despite a bouncing problem, George Russell was able to win the only Grand Prix for Mercedes in Sau Paolo, Brazil. Lewis Hamilton finished second in that Brazilian Grand Prix. However, the way things are going, it seems like Mercedes may not win any race this season. After all, Red Bull won more than 90% of the races this season. The only team to beat Red Bull in 2023 has been Ferrari so far. There are only three more races remaining this season, and the next one is in Brazil. Can Mercedes repeat the glory of the last year’s Brazilian GP?