Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes, as promised, has provided a changed F1 car to its drivers. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is ready to do everything for the Eight World Championship Title! He is ready to do “whatever is necessary to win,” making sure that the Winless season shall not be repeated once again.

The Mercedes W14 has been launched today. Perhaps it has been one of the biggest launches ever in the history of Formula One. This is because the car matched exactly with what fans expected. Unlike the 2022’s Silver car, Mercedes introduced a black livery this time. In 2023 the black era of Mercedes will once again pave the way for their success as the brand-new car is already giving victory vibes.


Mercedes’ black livery is getting so much love, apparently because it is the same color that made Hamilton win his seventh world championship. The W11 and W12 were indeed the best cars that the Brackely-based factory ever built. However, last year the team tried to follow their traditional Silver Scheme, but nature did not go in their favor. Mercedes remained a loser in the 2022 Formula One season.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton, who wants to retire being a champion who has been promised a better car in 2023 by Mercedes, is very much “fascinated” about the evolution of the W14. He said, “I have been a part of Mercedes for over a decade. And the efforts of every member never cease to amaze me.” The Briton finds it very much inspiring to see how “diligently and passionately” each member of the team approached their work.

“Ready To Do What’s Necessary” Lewis Hamilton Gears Down the Black Mercedes W14

However, speaking of the new W14 car launched today morning, he said, “I love the new livery! It says we mean business.” Lewis Hamilton, who ended up driving the W13 for any more time, is finally excited to drive the new car. He feels calm and the energy. The focus has been sharpened, and “I am ready to do what is necessary to win in 2023.” said Hamilton.

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Now that the Mercedes 2023 car has been launched, the team is hoping it to be free from proposing issues. Let’s see what the Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff had to say about the new changed livery car. At the launch in Silverstone, Wolff said, “The team’s hopes and expectations are always to become capable of fighting for a world championship. However, our rivals were strong last year. And we are just playing catch up this year.”

Indeed, the fact that Red Bull won the championship last year with 17 Grand Prix wins creates a massive gap. According to Wolff, being the front runner needs resilience, teamwork, and determination. And Mercedes is ready to face up to every challenge. “Put the team first and leave no stone unturned in the chase for every millisecond. In 2023, Mercedes is going all in to get back in front.” said the principal indicating the confidence the team has developed with the return of the black Mercedes cars.