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Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Blamed For Shunting Mick Schumacher’s Growth! Alpha Tauri Boss Questions His Intentions

Mercedes Principal Toto Wolff has always spoken highly of their reserve driver Mick Schumacher. The son of the legendary F1 great Michael Schumacher is helping the team to attain success from the back end. At present, the Silver Arrows has two drivers who are pretty well placed in the team. Other than Lewis Hamilton, George Russell debuted for Mercedes last year and got the team’s only Grand Prix win of the season. The two drivers had a one-two finish despite struggling with the car.

Russell came from the Williams team and showed a lot of promise. However, the presence of Mick Schumacher can increase the tension in the group. In fact, there was a rumor that suggested Mick could replace Hamilton in the Mercedes team. Alpha Tauri CEO also suggested in an interview that Toto Wolff is not giving the former Haas driver a chance to prove himself. Is that so? Keep reading to find out.


Is Toto Wolff Not Giving Mick Enough Chance To Prove Himself?

Toto Wolff Mick Schumacher
2PJEAMJ Melbourne, Australia. 2nd Apr 2023. Toto Wolff (AUT, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team), Mick Schumacher (DEU, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team), F1 Grand Prix of Australia at Albert Park Circuit on April 2, 2023, in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by HIGH TWO) Credit: dpa/Alamy Live News

According to Peter Bayer, Mick Schumacher must prove to the team that he has got the pace. That is his biggest challenge as of now. But for that, Toto Wolff must let him drive on the grid once. Nobody knows when Schumacher can return to racing on the F1 grid. Moreover, Peter Bayer hinted at the link of Mick with his team that was there for a while but not anymore. However, let’s never say never. But the Alpha Tauri CEO added that Daniel Ricciardo would never be part of the Alpha Tauri team. He would not drive in Silverstone.

Moreover, Mick Schumacher did not have a great time with Haas, and that’s why he must redeem himself. However, the question remains when will Toto Wolff give him that chance? The Mercedes boss expressed his admiration for the work Mick is doing every weekend with the Brackley team to improve the car’s pace and balance. But still, there are no signs of his return to the grid. Mick Schumacher has also linked with McLaren as their reserve driver as well.

Will Mick Schumacher Replace Logan Sargeant At Williams?

Mick Schumacher
Mick Schumacher Source: Sporting News

However, F1 Pundit Lawrence Barretto suggests Mick can replace Logan Sargeant for William’s team. Writing for, Barretto mentioned Logan had a good but unspectacular beginning with the Williams team. The F1 pundit claims that even Logan knows that he must improve fast if he wants to stick around for another year with the team. If he does not show any progress, his seat will be under threat. What if Mick Schumacher gets that seat?

He would be an obvious choice for the role because he had a brief talk with the team the previous year. Moreover, Mick earned praise from his fellow Mercedes drivers this year. The son of the legendary German champion was part of the Haas team for a couple of years. Mick showed a lot of promise as well. However, it is tough to replace George Russell at present with Mick Schumacher when the team is struggling so much with the car. Most importantly, both Lewis Hamilton and the 25-year-old driver have tried their best to accomplish this with the horrible W14 car and its predecessor.