Toto Wolff Mercedes Boss Helmut Marko Red Bull Advisor
Toto Wolff Mercedes Boss Helmut Marko Red Bull Advisor Source: PlanetF1

Mercedes and Red Bull might be getting ready to welcome new changes ahead of the 2025 season. First, Toto Wolff is in a rush to find the perfect replacement for Lewis Hamilton. In the offseason, the seven-time champion shocked the F1 world, announcing his move to Ferrari in 2025. It would be weird but exciting to see the most decorated driver wearing the iconic “Red Uniform.” But it is also sad to think about the epic collaboration between the Silver Arrows and Lewis Hamilton coming to an end after the ongoing season. Anyhow, that news is pretty well known for the F1 fans all over the world. But the new situation that is getting the media attention is pretty exciting.

Apparently, there is a good chance that Max Verstappen can leave Red Bull and join Mercedes, but not so in the distant future. Lately, the reigning triple-time champion mentioned he would stay with Red Bull as long as Helmut Marko stays in the team. But the Austrian outfit can suspend their senior advisor, and he might miss the Australian Grand Prix in 2024. Things are not looking good on the Red Bull front. In such circumstances, Mercedes’s boss teased Marko that he could play the role Niki Lauda used to play in the team. Perhaps Toto Wolff plans to welcome both Verstappen and Marko to Mercedes soon.


Amid Verstappen Rumors, Mercedes Boss Teases Helmut Marko’s Welcome

Toto Wolff Mercedes
Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

Helmut Marko recently told Austrian broadcasters ORF that, theoretically, it is possible that the parent energy company can suspend him. Prior to that, during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, reports emerged that the 80-year-old advisor might be the subject of a probe from the parent energy drink conglomerate over recent media leaks. Later, Marko also told ORF that if he has to continue working at Red Bull, everything has to go right for him. On the other hand, Max Verstappen is quite open about his loyalty to Helmut Marko.

Hence, there is a good chance that Red Bull will get torn apart if their advisor and champion racer are gone. Meanwhile, Toto Wolff said that Marko can fill the void of the late great Niki Lauda. Helmut Marko himself is a stalwart talent spotter, and that’s how he found Max Verstappen. Moreover, the Mercedes boss teased Marko, saying they are missing their mascot anyway. Also, Wolff noted that Marko is the right age for that position. Moreover, he may not have a red cap like what Niki used to wear, but Wolff says Marko can join them. 

Toto Wolff Seriously Believes If Marko Leaves Red Bull, It Will Be A Loss For The Current Champions

Toto Wolff Mercedes Boss Helmut Marko Red Bull Advisor
Toto Wolff Mercedes Boss Helmut Marko Red Bull Advisor Source: The Sports Rush

When Toto Wolff got serious about the situation if Marko really leaves Red Bull, he mentioned that it will be a substantial loss for the Austrian outfit. Moreover, the Mercedes boss noted that Helmut Marko is not a child of sadness. Also, Wolff mentioned that Marko has always been their favorite enemy. Moreover, Toto Wolff said, “Marko is a real racer.”

Hence, the Mercedes boss feels if the Austrian outfit loses the 80-year-old advisor, it will be a loss for the whole team. Previously, Toto and father of Max Verstappen, Jos, were seen talking after the opening Grand Prix this year. Then, there were also reports suggesting Jos and Toto had dinner early that weekend. Does that mean Max will be in Mercedes very soon?

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