Priyanshu Raidas

Mercedes Ace Lewis Hamilton Spills Beans On Reasons Behind His Longevity In F1

Formula One is a very difficult sport, and sustaining a career in this business is not the easiest task. But some racers have made a strong grip on racing over the years. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are some of the few names in the F1 who have shown great longevity in the sport. And they have revealed their secrets to maintain their long career. And there are no better people than Fernando and Hamilton themselves.

There are many factors that can help an athlete become better than anyone else in their domain. And athletes need to do it naturally; otherwise, they could even be banned from the game. Therefore Hamilton and Alonso have been doing something right during the course of their career. And Hamilton’s expiring contract raises many questions about his future in the racing world. That is why he gave an interesting reply in the media when asked about him continuing his question. Keep reading to know how Lewis and Fernando still continue to compete in their 40s.


Lewis Hamiton’s Secret To Longevity

Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso

The 38-year-old has had a remarkable career in the last decade. Lewis Hamilton first came to the Formula 1 scene in the year 2007. And in the next year itself, he won the championship title. And with his driving skills and impeccable confidence, he continued to dominate the racing world. The Briton is leveled with Schumacher with seven titles throughout their career. And Lewis has a few more in his pocket to win one over. But his recent time has been tough with the Mercedes. Therefore, he could very well leave them for a better car-providing team.

But the question is will Lewis Hamilton be an effective enough individual to pull their car to the finishing point? Over time, his performance has not taken a massive because of his age. He is still one of the better racers on the track. And it is because of his rigorous efforts, disciplined routines, and tight grip on his diet. And while giving the answer on his future, Lewis said that there are many people in many industries who are extending their careers.

“You can never say never. Brad [Pitt] is going to be racing in the movie in his 50s, so I’ll be the third oldest driver! There’s a lot of people out there like [NFL great Tom Brady], there are different ways you can train, how you eat, how you focus.” said Lewis.

Lewis Hamilton Was The Star From The Beginning

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was one of the special children who are known as prodigies in their field. The now seven-time champion of the world is known for his raw speed and magical control of his car. But some of the F1 pundits describe that he was always like this when they spotted him in the GP2.

He was very dangerous on the turns and impressive with his speed. This is what caught their attention, and they are impressed to see he is the same at this age. And most importantly, the sound behavior of the track is what makes him lovable to all the fans.