Adrian Newey With Max Verstappen

Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen, responsible for Red Bull’s glory, will no longer work together. The aero wizard played a pivotal role in Verstappen’s Championship winning streak. Moreover, he has scripted the fairytale story of RBR, helping the team win thirteen world titles. However, the Chief Technical Officer will leave the team during the first quarter of 2025. 

Undervalued efforts and internal power struggles caused Newey to end his two-decade journey. The Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner, hailed Newey’s 19-year stint, calling him a ‘remarkable talent.’ Now, the three-time world champion Max Verstappen has expressed his views on the CTO’s exit. 


Adrian Newey’s Exit Isn’t That ‘Dramatic,’ Says Verstappen

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Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, is eyeing his fourth title. The Dutchman has won four out of five races and is on the path to clinching the world title again. However, the recent mayhem at Red Bull due to ‘Newey’s exit’ could be an issue for the star racer. Recently, Verstappen addressed Newey’s departure on SkySports. Whereas he wanted the Briton to ‘stay,’ it is crucial to think about ‘yourself’ in the shark tank of F1, says Verstappen. The racer believes it was not Newey’s fault to leave the circuit in an attempt to pursue new goals. Although the exit was amid turbulence in the RBR management, Verstappen feels it isn’t as dramatic as it looks. 

Moreover, a cloud of doubt hovered over Newey’s status and importance in the energy drink-based outfit. The controversy ignited as a female executive put sexual misconduct allegations against Christian Horner.  Since then, the team has experienced a phase of internal chaos, as Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, explained his fear of a fallout due to Horner. However, Max feels the technical team is less reliant on Newey than a decade ago. Moreover, Newey’s role has evolved, and there are people other than him capable of delivering a high-performance car. Thus, the team won’t suffer due to his exit, and Red Bull’s domination will continue. 

Max Verstappen Dismisses’ Dream Transfer’ Speculation: Why He’s Committed to His Current Path

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Another major rumor in the F1 arena was Mercedes poaching the star Red Bull driver. However, Verstappen has cleared his future plans and will stay at the Milton Keynes setup. He said money is not the parameter for him to switch sides. The Dutchman prioritizes high performance, a standard Red Bull consistently meets. Therefore, there is no chance for a Mercedes-Verstappen alliance. 

However, he concluded by saying that ‘anything is possible’ in sports and life, thus allowing rumors and speculations to take shape. It’ll be interesting to see if his remark was just playful banter or if he’s considering a potential exit.