Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Max Verstappen changed the status of Red Bull in the last few years. But he could not have done that alone. Indeed, very few racers in recent times can match the “Winning mentality” of the Dutch sensation. He can be selfish and ruthless at the same time if he needs to win a race. Nothing brings him more joy than finishing at the top of the podium, be it in F1 or in virtual sim racing. Since the F1 Motorsport returned to ground effect cars in 2022, Max Verstappen has won 36 races, including the first two Grands Prix in the ongoing season.

Very few racers in history can match the winning percentage Max has been enjoying in the last two years. He has broken so many records since 2022. Now, the Dutch racer is among the elite group of three-time champions. But the credit goes to the engineers who worked tirelessly for Red Bull cars for a long time. Finally, the outfit is enjoying the fruits of all their efforts. One such important member of the Milton Keynes team is leaving. It is the chief mechanic of Max Verstappen, who announced his departure from Red Bull Racing.


Lee Stevenson Announced His Red Bull Departure Following The Australian GP

Lee Stevenson Red Bull F1 Chief Mechanic
Lee Stevenson Red Bull F1 Chief Mechanic Source:

As Max Verstappen kept winning since the cost cap era started, Lee Stevenson had become a prominent face within the Austrian outfit’s garage. The British mechanic has been working with the current triple-time champion since the latter got promoted to the senior team from Torro Rosso. It was the Spanish Grand Prix back in 2016 where Max Verstappen won on his Red Bull debut. But since then, Max, along with Lee and the whole outfit, had been through a lot of struggle and failures. However, things changed in 2021, when the Dutchman won his first Driver’s title. Since then, the team has been living their Golden era.

But Lee Stevenson said on Instagram that it was time to draw the curtains down on his Red Bull stint. He also mentioned that he would move “To a team at the other end of the pit lane.” Moreover, the British mechanic thanked everyone on the Red Bull team for “The amazing ride.” He said he is very proud of the incredible journey with the Austrian outfit. Moreover, as per Lee, his achievements with Red Bull have been monumental. It’s something that he could never really fathom back in 2006. But Lee Stevenson is glad that he has reached the end of Part A of his life. He is looking forward to Part B that starts on Monday. 

Most Memorable Moment Of Lee With Red Bull Was Back In 2020 Hungary GP

Lee Stevenson Red Bull F1 Chief Mechanic With Max Verstappen
Lee Stevenson Red Bull F1 Chief Mechanic With Max Verstappen Source: Sports Illustrated

The 2020 Hungarian Grand Prix saw the most memorable moment of Lee Stevenson in the Red Bull camp. It was when the crew of Max Verstappen repaired his suspension in 20 minutes on the grid. Previously, the Dutch racer had a crash on his way to the grid at a wet track in Hungaroring. Later, the fans even doubted his participation.

But the work that Stevenson and the whole team of Verstappen put in enabled the Dutchman to race to a P2 finish. Anyhow, Stevenson is not the only Red Bull member who announced his departure this year. He is just the latest one. Previously, Rob Marshall ended a 17-year stint with the Austrian outfit to accept the offer of a senior position at McLaren. 

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