Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Source: ESPN

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are the two best drivers on the F1 grid right now. Other than them, Fernando Alonso is the only driver with championship success under his belt. But the Dutch driver broke the great Briton’s winning streak in 2021. The Mercedes star was on his way to winning his eighth Driver’s World Championship and would surpass Michael Schumacher in the process. But it did not happen, as the Red Bull racer broke the hearts of Hamilton fans and the driver himself in 2021. Since 2022, Lewis Hamilton has lost his way to win a race.

It seems weird as the only racer to win more than 100 Grand Prix in the sport is struggling to end his winless drought over two years. But the age never waits for anybody. Lately, Hamilton turned 39. Hence, it was time for him to make a tough decision. And the great Briton really did. He decided to move to Ferrari, ending over a decade long collaboration with Mercedes. It shocked the F1 fans worldwide. Later, Helmut Marko said Max Verstappen had a reaction of amusement after hearing the news. However, on Thursday, during the RB20 launch, Verstappen showed support for his arch-rival.


Max Verstappen Showed Support For Hamilton’s Decision To Move To Ferrari

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton
Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton Source : Franceinfo

The Red Bull advisor told OE24, in an interview, initially, the news of Hamilton moving to the Italian team amused Verstappen. On Thursday, Red Bull launched their 2024 F1 challenger. During the launch, Max Verstappen, in fact, supported the idea of switching to Ferrari if Hamilton truly felt that was the right decision. Moreover, the Dutch driver told the media, including PlanetF1, that it was perhaps the right call to embark on a fresh chapter. Especially for someone like Lewis Hamilton, who has achieved so much in his long and illustrious career. But Max Verstappen also said that they don’t know the talks Ferrari and Mercedes had and what’s Hamilton’s goal for the future.

Hence, they can’t give an honest assessment from Red Bull’s side about making that decision. Finally, Verstappen concluded about his take on Hamilton’s move by saying, “It will look cool, I think.” Moreover, if Lewis is happy with the move, Max thinks he should go then. Lastly, he hopes them to have a successful collaboration. Perhaps not that great of a success, Max might hope for Ferrari and Hamilton, as he established himself as the dominant force in the sport in recent times.

Lewis Hamilton Has Still One More Season To Go With Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: The Sports Rush

The seven-time champion won six titles with the Silver Arrows. His first championship success came with the McLaren team in his sophomore year. So far, in F1, Hamilton has been part of only two teams – McLaren and Mercedes. He has won titles with both. Now, what shall the Ferrari fans hope from the great Briton? It is the collaboration between the most successful team and the most decorated driver in the sport’s history.

Moreover, it was Hamilton’s dream to race for Ferrari. Hence, they should have great success together. But Lewis Hamilton said, at first, he wants to finish his Mercedes collaboration with a bang. Perhaps he targets one more title with the German team. But it would be difficult to beat the Red Bull team with the superior car.

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