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Max Verstappen, the star Red Bull Driver, has slammed all the ‘Mercedes’ rumors. Since Adrian Newey’s departure, speculation of a potential fallout at Red Bull has surfaced. Whereas Verstappen’s early exit was a buzzing topic amid the internal chaos at Milton Keynes. The Dutchman has been the main protagonist in RBR’s dominant run. Moreover, the team has designed a flawless, powerful racing machine. Hence, the success of the team and their star driver’s performance are intertwined.    

Consequently, Max Verstappen turned down the rumors linking him to an early exit. The three-time world champion is in no mood to leave the Red Bull setup. However, despite declaring his future with Red Bull, the Dutchman left the door open ajar. 


Money Is Not A Parameter To Lure In The Reigning World Champion

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The formidable Red Bull and Max Verstappen pair is topping all the charts in F1. The team is on a winning streak, steadily filling the trophy cabinet at their headquarters in Milton Keynes. In 2024, the Dutchman won four out of five races while missing out on the Australian GP due to a technical failure. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer for Verstappen to consider switching sides. Confirming this sentiment, he affirmed that his future lies with Red Bull.

Moreover, he said that money would not be a ‘differentiator’ for him to join a different team. Earlier, rumors surfaced about Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, offering Verstappen a $150 million contract. Thus, he added that not even $250 million would lure him away from the energy drink-based outfit since he feels his earnings at Red Bull are sufficient. The 26-year-old has complete faith in the team’s current project and is optimistic about their future. However, the star racer left a crack open at the end, allowing speculations to resurface. He concluded by emphasizing the ‘uncertainty’ of sports and life. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see whether the Dutchman was teasing his fans or if he is open to anything.  

George Rusell Extends Invitation To Verstappen: ‘Make It Happen’ 

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Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate George Rusell wants Verstappen to be his companion. In a media interaction ahead of Miami GP, Russell said ‘I’d be all for it’ when asked about Verstappen’s potential Mercedes transfer. He believes driving the same machinery alongside a champion racer brings the best out of an individual. Mercedes is looking for Hamilton’s replacement, who is set to leave for Ferrari. Since the Silver Arrows are struggling to design a powerful car, Verstappen might overlook their offer. At the same time, performance is the currency to sign in the three-time world champion. 

Therefore, Mercedes is trying to bring Valtteri Bottas as a one-year ‘stop-gap’ driver. Moreover, Bottas has previously steered the wheel for the German outfit, making him the perfect choice until the Italian racing prodigy, Kimi Antonelli, is ready for the big stage.