Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen in the paddock. Australia March 2023. Credit: Alamy

Formula One arrived at Red Bull Racing’s home this week for the Austrian Grand Prix. Naturally, the Red Bull drivers took advantage of the home conditions to put a strong performance at qualifying. Because of the new sprint format, the qualifying session took place on Friday, and Max Verstappen effortlessly earned his fourth consecutive pole of the 2023 season. He is in pursuit of becoming the driver with the most wins in Austria.

However, the Dutch driver’s teammate, Sergio Perez, had an awful night. His flying lap time was deleted due to a track limit violation, and he ended up on P15. Thus, Perez made a record of crashing out in Q2 four consecutive times as a driver of a front-row team. But it was not only the Mexican driver to face the burnt-of-track limit violations. Several drivers’ lap times were getting deleted throughout the qualifying session, including Max Verstappen, who looked visibly annoyed with the whole drama.


Max Verstappen Calls Austria A Venue With “Worst” Track Limits After Qualifying Drama

Max Verstappen
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen speaks to media during testing. (Reuters)

The qualifying session of the Austrian Grand Prix was an eventful evening. The Red Bull ring has close track limits, and due to the developing track surface, the drivers were facing difficulties keeping the car within the white lines. This led to multiple violations, and the stewards took strict action. During the whole session, more than 10 lap times were deleted due to track limit violation which also cost Sergio Perez a P2 position. His teammate Max Verstappen also faced the burnt. His two flying laps were deleted. But the Dutch driver managed to clock one worthy enough to attain his pole.

Despite clinching the pole, Max Verstappen looked annoyed and hit out at stewards in the post-race media meet. He termed Red Bull ring a venue with the worst track limits. The Dutchman further hit out at stewards and said that some decisions were marginal. It should not have been deleted. Verstappen feels that such dubious decision makes drivers look like amateurs. While some may suggest keeping the car within the white lines, it’s easier said than done. Max explained that once the tires heated up, it became harder and harder for drivers to make a judgment of the track lines. Overall, Red Bull called the violations “silly” and urged FIA to do better and simplify the rules.

Red Bull Driver Proposes A Solution To Curb Track Limit Violations

Max Vertappen

While criticizing Steward’s ridiculous track limit violation decisions, Max Verstappen also offered a solution. He said that the white line that separates the track from the kerbing should be painted wider. That will help the drivers in getting a better judgment of the limits. Verstappen added that many tracks around the world have used this technique. Hence, Red Bull Ring should also consider this idea to resolve the issue.

Standing alongside Max Verstappen, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc agreed with the Dutchman’s opinion. Despite his lap time not getting deleted, the Monégasque said that these nonsubstantial rules are extremely annoying. He suggested using the entire kerbing as track limits which will limit the frequency of errors. Overall, the Austrian Grand Prix this season is going to witness even more drama as the track limit rules are getting out of hand.