Massive Scare For Los Angeles Lakers!! LeBron James Severely Injured Once Again After All-Star Game

LeBron James

Tense situation for LA Lakers as LeBron James reportedly sustained a substantial injury during the all-star game.

LeBron James made his 19th All-Star appearance today at the All-Star game against Giannis Antetokounmpo’s team. Despite putting on a good show, team LeBron conceded defeat with a scoreline of 175-184. Jayson Tatum clocked a record-breaking 55-point run to seal the game for his team. Further, this is the first time in James’ 20-year-long career that he lost an all-star game while being the captain.

However, LeBron James missed the second half of the game after suffering a massive injury scare. He apparently sustained an injury after his fingers caught up in the rim while trying to block an attempt. The magnitude of the injury is yet unknown. However, King James looks confident and optimistic about a quick recovery.

LeBron James Believes He’ll Be Fine After Facing The Injury Scare

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James, one of the most popular and successful basketball players of all time, left the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, February 20, 2023, with a hand injury. The injury occurred in the second quarter of the game when James tried to block a shot, and his fingers got tangled in the rim. James only spent 14 minutes on the court, wherein he scored 13 points, 4 assists, and 1 rebound. The injury is a significant blow to both James and the Los Angeles Lakers, his current team, who are looking to make a playoff push.

As per the latest report, LeBron James says he’ll be fine as the injury is minor and will heal quickly. Apparently, him sitting out for the second half was just a precautionary measure and nothing else. Moreover, LeBron revealed he promised his coach to successfully attempt at least one block. And in doing so, the 38-year-old hit his fingers on the rim. The timing of the injury is also unfortunate for James, as it comes just as the NBA season is entering its final stretch.

Lakers Nervous After LeBron Misses The All-Star Game Due To Injury

While LeBron James may look confident of recovering very soon, the LA Lakers are nervous. The squad is trying to make a final playoff push with a new young lineup post-trade season. For that, they need the entire lineup on the court at their best potential. However, with James’ injury, the situation is tense. FYI, LeBron has been reeling under constant injuries for the past few weeks. He missed three consecutive games due to a sore ankle and just returned during the game before the all-star break.

Furthermore, if LeBron James is forced to miss significant time, it will be a major blow to the Lakers’ championship aspirations. As of this writing, the Lakers are 13th on the Western Conference points table with 27-32. The season will enter its final lap post the all-star break, and the purple and gold need to win as many games as possible to stand a chance at the playoffs.