LeBron James With Son Bronny
LeBron James and Bronny Source: Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers would not want to let LeBron James go anytime soon. In fact, they would wish for King James to retire wearing the gold and the purple jersey. But things might change drastically at the end of this season. Like last season, LBJ came so close to announcing his retirement. The humiliating loss to the Denver Nuggets made the all-time leading scorer rethink his future in the NBA.

However, he later changed his mind and returned to the league wearing the same gold and purple jersey. Moreover, the Lakers look pretty deep and balanced this time. They might actually go on to win the whole thing. However, that may not be enough to keep LeBron James in the LA Lakers. The last thing LBJ wants from his long and illustrious career is to play alongside his son Bronny in the NBA.


The Lakers May Want To Draft Bronny James To Lure His Father

LeBron James Bronn James

Now, this dream of LeBron James adds pressure to the team that might draft Bronny James. After all, that lucky team will have the opportunity to sign the King. He might leave the Lakers if they don’t draft or sign Bronny. Anyway, there are rumors floating around the league that the LA side might try to sign Bronny. If the rumor is true, then it is clear why they are doing this. Perhaps they might try to sign Bronny to lure his father for a contract extension. LeBron James has a $51 million player option for the next year. If he uses it, then he’ll become a free agent.

However, Joe Vardan of The Athletic says some observers believe the LA side will find a way to help LeBron James play alongside his son. Over the summer, Bronny had a heart attack that, in the process, delayed his entrance into the Drafts. Hence, it might affect LBJ’s decision on free agency. But Bronny is still in the draft. Hence, the Lakers Faithful would wish the franchise to sign Bronny. After all, LeBron James is still among the best players in the league. The Lakers would love to have James on their roster as long as the King can continue to play.

LeBron James’ Sends Him A Message To Keep Playing Till His Younger Son Makes His NBA Debut

LeBron James Family Savannah, Bronny Bryce And Zhuri
LeBron James Family Savannah, Bronny Bryce And Zhuri Source: Opoyi

Moreover, in a recent beat commercial, Savannah James has a message for her husband. Mrs James told LeBron James that he won’t quit until he plays alongside both his sons, Bronny and Bryce. Even the younger son of LBJ seems like a promising talent. Hence, it is only a matter of time until both sons of King James start dominating the league. Everybody would like to see the sons carry on their shoulders their father’s legacy in the league.

With the level of LBJ’s dedication, he might go on to play for another five years. Then LeBron James might actually be able to play alongside both of his sons. Moreover, LeBron James believes he still has a lot more to give to the game of basketball. There is a lot more left in the tank for the King. But the LA Lakers must get to their 18th title victory soon. If not, the King might change his mind again. He really wants to win his 5th championship before he hangs up his boots.