LeBron James
LeBron James

The Lakers have been lucky to have legendary players dawning the purple and gold jersey. The Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar became the leading scorer of the NBA in regular seasons of all time in 1984. He stayed the leader of the scorers for four decades. Apparently, he will always remain the dearest “Captain” to the Lakers and the NBA family. But as records are meant to be broken, the “Captain” had to pass the torch to the “King.”

For 38 years, there was only one legend who was a fan favorite as the greatest scorer. And he was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Albeit, he will still be one of the greatest. But the time has come to celebrate the new King of the court, LeBron James. Other than playing for the Lakers, there are a lot of similarities between the “Captain” and the “King.” They have both got the All-Star game selections for a record 19 times. And looks like the team has decided to honor the new NBA Leading Scorer with a big-emotional reward.


Lakers Honor James With Pendant

Recently the Los Angeles Lakers honored LeBron James with a gaudy new chain. To commemorate the Lakers star’s accomplishment, the franchise was proud to honor him with this beautiful piece of jewelry. Moreover, the gift is a gold and diamond pendant. Elliot Eliantte, a high-end maker of jewelry, made the gorgeous piece and posted it on Instagram to share the creation with everybody. James also appreciated the gift on the Instagram post as he thanked the governor of the team, Jeanie Buss, and also her advisor Linda Rambis. The pendant has got the maker’s signature chain of link and the NBA logo fastened to it.

A roaring lion-shaped crown is also designed for it with the logo of “LJ.” The jersey numbers of King James, 6 and 23, are engraved with the words mentioned, “NBA All-Time Leading Scorer.” In the back of the pendant, there is a place for the records of LeBron James. LeBron is currently under treatment and will hope to return on March 24. Although there have been predictions coming from several places suggesting that James may not play the rest of the season. 

Similarities Between The Top Two NBA Scorers

Lakers Legends Past and Present
LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Lakers

As a player, the similarity between Kareem and LeBron was their longevity, endurance, and durability. Both had long and illustrious careers in NBA. Last month against the Thunder, LeBron James broke the ultimate scoring record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kareem wished that may LeBron holds this record for a more extended period. The Los Angeles Lakers have a rich legacy in the tournament’s history.

After Kareem in 1984, LeBron in 2023 made the franchise proud yet again. This moment came at such a time when the fans were losing hope in the team’s chances of making the postseason. Hence it is quite natural that the franchise would want to shower him with all kinds of gifts as a form of appreciation. LeBron James has won several accolades over his long and illustrious career. The ongoing season is his 20th NBA season.