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Los Angeles Lakers Regret Trading Dennis Schroder After Witnessing His Solid Game In The FIBA World Cup

Dennis Schroder played an essential role last season to help the Los Angeles Lakers reach the Western Conference Finals. However, the team took a big risk after signing Gabe Vincent from the Miami Heat as a replacement for Schroder. What if this plan does not work out as expected? Currently, the Lakers seem happy with the brand-new roster they have got. Indeed, they had a great offseason as they were able to execute their plans brilliantly. Apparently, the front office planned to keep the core together. After all, this core group of players helped them reach the WCF in the previous season. However, it did not end well as the eventual champions, the Denver Nuggets, tore them apart. The Nuggets won the WCF 4-0 in a clean sweep against the Lakers. That’s why the 17-time champions planned to bring some more reinforcements.

Meanwhile, this time, all eyes will be on the breakout star of the last season, Austin Reaves. He was pretty impressive in the FIBA World Cup. The Oklahoma Sooners kid was definitely the best player of the American side in the World Cup. However, his former Lakers teammate Dennis Schroder broke the American hearts as he led the German side to clinch the title. Team USA failed to win even the third place and could not even bring home a medal, not even a bronze. And now, the Lakers Nation is chewing their nails, thinking as to why the team let Dennis Schroder go.


The Lakers May Regret Letting Dennis Schroder Go To The Raptors

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Dennis Schroder signed with the Toronto Raptors for a two-year contract worth $25.4 million. But the Lakers are not showing any interest in bringing him back. Moreover, it is great news for the Raptors as Schroder averaged 19.1 points per contest in the FIBA World Cup. Adding to that, he shot 43.5 percent in the tournament. But Dennis Schroder proved that he could be a big-match player as he scored 28 points in the finals. Hence, there was no doubt that he would be the MVP of the World Cup.

The thing about Dennis Schroder is he sure had flaws as a player. And it was frustrating at times to see Darvin Ham’s lineup with three point guards, including Dennis Schroder. But Schroder played well for the Lakers and has much more to offer than Gabe Vincent. Moreover, Schroder played an essential role in helping Germany win the FIBA World Cup. On top of that, Dennis Schroder won the tournament’s MVP. 

Other Than Gabe Vincent, LA Signed And Re-Signed Some Quality Players

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In the offseason, the LA side signed Cam Reddish, Taurean Prince, and recently Christian Wood as a backup plan for Anthony Davis. Moreover, the Purple and Gold have a good balance of youth and experience with Rui Hachimura and Austin Reaves. But also, the LA side will depend on the top two stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Moreover, the 17-time champions will hope these stars stay healthy long enough to play more than 60 games next season. Both Davis and James are getting more and more injury-prone every season. Hence, the Lakers need young players like Jaxson Hayes and Jalen Hood-Schifino to stay on guard whenever the team needs them.