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“Looking Forward To A Couple More,” Aaron Judge On Yankees Off-Season Moves, Juan Soto Trade!

The New York Yankees were undoubtedly one of the busiest teams during the recently concluded winter meetings. As promised, Brian Cashman added two outfielders in the form of Alex Verdugo and generational talent Juan Soto. The latter, however, attained the most hype. The possibility of landing Soto remained non-existent until the winter meetings.

As per multiple sources, the talks between the Yankees and Padres had stalled due to the steep asking price from the latter. However, once the Nashville meeting commenced, Brian Cashman continued his aggressive pursuit, which forced AJ Preller to stand down. However, captain Aaron Judge is not yet satisfied and is looking forward to more action this off-season.


Aaron Judge Hyped Up After Juan Soto’s Blockbuster Acquisition!

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This off-season, the New York Yankees are certainly aiming big to bounce back from a lost 82-80 record season. To accomplish this pursuit, Brian Cashman signed Alex Verdugo and Juan Soto during the recently concluded winter meetings. Having said that, Soto’s acquisition has hyped up not only the fans but also the captain, Aaron Judge. During a recent public appearance on Fox 5’s “Good Day New York,” Judge was asked to react to the Soto’s historic trade. He said while the franchise had to move key pieces to land Soto, the sacrifice was definitely worth it. The 25-year-old left-handed hitter’s talent and stats speak for themselves. Undoubtedly, the entire Yankee universe is excited to have him aboard.

Having said that, Judge intends to witness more action this winter. Aaron Judge further elaborated, saying that while the Yankees’ front office has pulled off important moves these past couple of weeks, the job is far from done. The captain wants to witness more changes as the off-season reaches its final stage in January. “It’s going to be a fun season, I think, for Yankee fans,” said Judge. Certainly, the Yanks’ job isn’t done. Amongst the notable next-in-line targets are Japanese ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto reliever Jordan Hicks and KBO MVP Jung Hoo Lee. While Yamamoto seems an assured deal, the front office is still contemplating Hicks and Hoo Lee. Overall, the team’s commitment to addressing key areas of improvement reflects a holistic approach to building a championship-caliber squad for the 2024 season.

Yankees A Better Team After Juan Soto’s Acquisition, Says Brian Cashman!

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The man behind the historic move, general manager Brian Cashman, broke his silence after the trade. He said that the Yankees seem a much better team after Juan Soto’s addition. Of course, the exchange hurt them a lot. But to land one of the best hitters in the league, something has to give, says Cashman. Ultimately, the GM feels the team took the right call with Soto.

Brian Cashman further added that the Yankees are proud to call Juan Soto a Yankee at a stage where the Yanks intend to take a serious shot at the championship title. However, the GM refused to elaborate on the team’s outfield construction. He says it’s skipper Aaron Boone’s job to strike the right combination. “Boone is going to make those calls, elevated our outfield class significantly,” said Cashman.