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“Lewis Will Leave,” F1 Pundit Warns Of Heavy Repercussion Of Another Bad Year For Mercedes!

Formula One’s revolutionary move to tweak aerodynamics regulations had negative implications for Mercedes as they witnessed an unprecedented downfall after the 2021 F1 season. In the past two years, the racing outfit only managed to attain a win in 2022, which also happened to be George Russell’s inaugural career win.

Regardless, Mercedes hit rock bottom and a new low in 2023 as they recorded a winless season after winning eight constructors championships in the past decade. Meanwhile, with the 2024 F1 season on the horizon, the F1 pundit has warned Silver Arrows of serious repercussions if they fail to somehow produce a comeback this year.


Mercedes To Lose Lewis Hamilton Post 2024?

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Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are synonyms of one another. The duo attained unimaginable success in the past decade and redefined success in Formula One. Silver Arrows’ era of dominance still remains of a kind. However, the tables turned after the regulation change in 2021. Moreover, with Hamilton nearing his early 40s, his future on the grid hangs in the balance. Regardless, in an impeccable act of loyalty, the British driver signed a two-year extension contract mid-season in 2023 to extend his stay in the team until 2025. Hamilton’s end goal is to see his team on top and also attain his record-breaking eighth championship title. But what if the Brackley-based team fails to achieve the ultimate goal?

Will Hamilton hang his helmet? Apparently, it’s a real possibility, believes F1 pundit Peter Windsor. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Windsor opined that Mercedes cannot afford to have another bad season. If they fail to edge past engine customer McLaren, the defeat won’t reflect well on the team’s dominant image. Most importantly, Windsor believes Lewis Hamilton won’t hang around 2026 to witness a change. If the Silver Arrows fails to rebound, the Briton will call it quits out of frustration. He has no interest in hanging around to witness what the 2026 engine regulation change has to offer. “I can’t imagine that’s attractive to Lewis Hamilton. So yeah, that could be a repercussion,” added Windsor. Having said that, the F1 pundit claimed that a poor season won’t affect the team financially as team principal Toto Wolff is a master at getting the sponsors to work.

Silver Arrows Striving Hard To Guide Lewis Hamilton To His Eight Title!

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Perhaps Mercedes are fully aware of the repercussions of yet another bad season. The latest rumors suggest that the racing outfit is striving hard back in the factory to develop machinery according to Lewis Hamilton’s liking. Rumors have it that the 2024 season challenger, W15’s cockpit position, has been pushed backward as per the British driver’s request.

Lewis Hamilton repeatedly highlighted the cockpit problem in 2023, stating that he felt like he was sitting on the wheels. This, in turn, hampered the seven-time world champion’s reflexes and decision-making. Thus, the W15 will have a restructured seating position alongside aerodynamics, chassis, and gearbox changes. Hopefully, Hamilton’s issues will be addressed, and the W15 will allow him to run for the championship in 2024.