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Lewis Hamilton’s Pre-Grand Prix Workout Regimen Out! This Is How The Seven-Time World Champion Stays Fit

The seven-time Formula One world champion just turned 38 this January. But who on earth could say that Lewis Hamilton is not as fit as any other driver younger than him? When Lewis Hamilton enters the F1 paddock in every race, each head turns, and the mouth opens wide. WOW! they say, seeing how he carries himself. Given this, his fans always remain curious to know what is the key behind Hamilton being in shape despite his age. They want to know what workout he performs. So here we go. In the latest interview with ESPN, the Briton opens up on what type of training he enacts before going to the cars.

Reportedly, this is what Hamilton said when he was asked to reveal his weekend day routine. “I was running at 6:30 am today morning. After a 10K run, I got back to a summit.” He then starts the core workout for strength. “Glutes, and hip flexors, including all the different types of workout around the middle area. However, it depends on what you have got coming up,” Lewis said.

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Lewis Hamilton Out For RUN! (Reuters)

Mercedes also mentioned one thing very specifically; he never does leg workouts on race days. Lewis Hamilton prefers no “noodle legs” while driving, and of course, leg days make your legs curly noodles. This prevents the drivers from performing well. However, even this strict workout routine makes Hamilton more of a model out of the tracks, could not make him win races since the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Perhaps the loss of his eighth-world title broke something inside. The last weekend in the Miami Grand Prix, he secured a P6 which is his worst score of this season so far. But since he started the race from P13, six positions upgrade is highly appreciable.

A New Upgrade In The Mercedes W14 Might Save Lewis Hamilton

During the Qualifying session in Florida, just after the second round, Lewis Hamilton faced issues with the car and had to end with Q2 securing a P13. However, the jump from 13 to 6 kept some suggesting that he still has things that it takes to win a race. Just that he does not have all the ingredients! Now you must wonder what ingredients? What is it that Hamilton doesn’t have? He has the perfect body, the perfect shape. He is giving his best in terms of training, diet, and co-operating. But he just doesn’t has a good car!

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The 2023 Mercedes Car is again disappointing

The Brackley factory has been failing to build strong cars under the ground floor regulations since 2022. And now that Red Bull has developed the fastest Formula One car ever, so fast that perhaps they are sandbagging, there is no way Mercedes could step in between the championship battle. No one but the Red Bull drivers themselves is battling with each other to win.

Nevertheless, team Mercedes is bringing the MAJOR upgrade in the W14 in Imola. They must hope for a race win in the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, but keeping the expectations low, Team Principal Toto Wolff is not even sure if the upgrade will manage half a second of progress per lap. The rear suspension and the ground floor designs are getting changed. Let’s pray this upgrade boosts Hamilton’s performance!