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Sir Lewis Hamilton has been one of the most influential F1 racers in modern times. He has not shied away from protesting against racism on the grid. Moreover, the seven-time champion has often found himself in a clash with the governing body. The FIA often discouraged the Mercedes star from taking a stand against racism. But the modern-day superstar F1 driver has tried his best to bring diversity to the sport. Clearly, there has been a huge lack of diversity in Formula 1. After all, the seven-time champion is the only racer of color in modern-day F1. Otherwise, it is all white. Hamilton has been trying his best to bring equality and diversity to F1.

He has succeeded in doing so in the Mercedes team. Moreover, next year, Lewis Hamilton would like to encourage his Ferrari team to bring diversity to the Maranello factory. Anyway, he is still a Mercedes racer in 2024, and lately, he praised Susie Wolff for taking legal action against FIA. The F1 Academy director is also the wife of Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal. Last December, the governing body started investigating the Wolffs to see if they had shared any confidential information. Later, BusinessF1 magazine published allegations, following the investigation, of a conflict of interest.


Lewis Hamilton Was In All Praise For Susie Wolff

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December 5, 2021, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: HAMILTON Lewis (gbr), Mercedes AMG F1 GP W12 E Performance, portrait, celebrating his win with BOTTAS Valtteri (fin), Susie Wolff and all the Mercedes AMG team during the Formula 1 stc Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021, 21th round of the 2021 FIA Formula One World Championship from December 3 to 5, 2021 on the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Photo DPPI/LiveMedia (Credit Image: © Dppi/LPS via ZUMA Press)

On Wednesday, Susie Wolff mentioned that she started taking legal action for the statements the FIA made against her. The investigation that the governing body started last December did not last longer than 48 hours. They had dropped the investigation after the rest of the nine F1 teams gave identical statements. These teams denied lodging any complaint that required an investigation to commence. Later, the Director of the All-Female Junior Racing Series F1 Academy began legal action on March 4. On Thursday, during a media session at Albert Park, Lewis Hamilton mentioned there is a significant lack of accountability in the series.

As per the Associated Press, Hamilton mentioned he is very proud of the F1 Academy director. Moreover, the seven-time champion noted that Susie Wolff is really brave and stands for such great values. Also, Lewis Hamilton called Susie Wolff a great leader. Adding to that, the great Briton mentioned it is a great message by the F1 Academy Director to stand up, “When in this world people are often silenced.” Moreover, Hamilton is glad that Susie Wolff has taken it out of the F1 world to fight it from the outside. He is glad because there is no transparency and no accountability within the sport and within the FIA, feels the seven-time champion. 

The Great Briton Believes Susie Wolff’s Stance Was Even More Important In The Male-Dominated Sport

Lewis Hamilton Muhammed Ben Sulayem FIA
Lewis Hamilton Muhammed Ben Sulayem FIA Source: PlanetF1

Lewis Hamilton said F1 is a male-dominated sport. Moreover, the English racer pointed out the modern times that, the message is if anyone files a complaint will get fired. Hamilton believes that is a “Terrible narrative” to be showing the world. Moreover, racers like Hamilton and others are trying to bring about more inclusivity.

On top of that, Lewis Hamilton noted that the FIA President never had his confidence. However, on Wednesday, the governing body mentioned that the FIA’s ethics committee cleared Mohammed Ben Sulayem over “Interference of any kind.” But Hamilton and the FIA never really got along.

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