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Lewis Hamilton Set To Miss Grand Prix Race For His Movie Debut

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is the most decorated racer of F1 Motorsport. He has won the most races in his career and equally most titles with Michael Schumacher. Other than sports and food, the seven-time F1 champion has a passion for films. Hence, Hamilton recently launched a film production company called Apollo Dawn. Moreover, as their first project, the production house is making a film on Formula One.

The maker of Top Gun: Maverick, Joseph Kosinski as director, is involved with the project. Moreover, as a cast of the movie Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt is in the film playing a very important role. The Academy Award-winning actor may even get to drive at a Grand Prix in Silverstone in a Formula One car. Hence, it is a pretty exciting project. And looks like another name has been added to the list of stars who will appear in the movie. And it’s none other than Lewis Hamilton himself, who is already working from the back end in the movie.


Lewis Hamilton Might Not Race In Order To Make Movie Debut

Lewis Hamilton Tom Cruise
Lewis Hamilton Tom Cruise Source: Sky Sports

Lewis Hamilton spoke about the upcoming Formula One film in a Sky Sports Interview, saying, “Our aim is to keep the film accessible and diverse. Plus, I might make a cameo appearance.” However, Hamilton said that he had no intention of acting in front of the camera. But if there is a Top Gun 3, he would not want to miss that chance. He would love to debut as an actor alongside Tom Cruise. The Mercedes driver is even willing to miss a Grand Prix to prepare for his role in that Top Gun 3 film (If ever made).

Anyway, Lewis Hamilton is serving as an advisor in the first project of his production house. Hence, he also spoke about the experience of working with Joseph Kosinski, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Brad Pitt. According to him, “It is such a privilege to work with Joe and Jerry, who are such legends. And watch Brad work. I’m learning a lot from them. I have even more appreciation for the way films are made.” Hamilton is visibly excited about the prospect of going to Cannes with this film. Who knows, maybe after retiring from Formula One, Hamilton will become a professional actor. He is 38 at the twilight of his career. If he does not win any more races in the next two years, he might actually quit Formula One.

Hamilton’s Big Interests Outside Racing

Lewis Hamilton Neat Burger
Lewis Hamilton Neat Burger Source: Feed the Lion

Lewis Hamilton had a firm hold on the title from 2014 to 2021. But he lost to Max Verstappen in 2021. And that’s how the downfall started. Lewis Hamilton lost his winning streak and has not been able to win a single race since the 2021 Saudia Arabian Grand Prix. On the other hand, his arch-rival, Max Verstappen, has won the most number of races in the past two years. The Dutchman seems to be quite unbeatable at present.

But Hamilton has been very busy outside his racing career. He is a pretty good businessman. He owns a number of brands of foods, clothing, and a sports team as well. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton is a part owner of the Denver Broncos, an NFL team. He also owns a vegan food chain called Neat Burger doing pretty well in the market. Moreover, that food chain recently crossed the 100 million dollar valuation mark.