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The F1 great, Lewis Hamilton, who has won the most races in history, is not able to win even a single race since the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021. The Mercedes driver has been struggling because of their car since last year. He has been winless since last season. To overcome that, Mercedes has introduced new upgrades frequently. But there has been no significant change in the luck of the former champions as they still can’t beat their rivals to win a race. This is because team Red Bull have taken the level of their domination to another level.

The Austrian team have won nine out of nine Grands Prix so far. Thier ace driver Max Verstappen has won seven, and Sergio Perez has a couple. On the other hand, Mercedes barely managed to get four podiums so far. Lewis Hamilton got three while George Russell finished at P3 in the Canadian Grand Prix. After securing these podiums, the team felt like the new upgrades in the W14 car have helped Mercedes gain some momentum for sure, but it is not helping them make much of a difference in the points table. This is also because Red Bull and Max Verstappen are gaining tremendous leads over the others in the constructor and driver’s championship. But looks like Lewis Hamilton has still got some ray of hope left in him which is allowing him to seek success in the recent future.


Lewis Hamilton Waiting For A Whole Fundamental Change Of The Car In 2024

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W14 Upgrades Source: Crash.Net

Mercedes is still trying to hold onto the second place. But surprisingly, Ferrari and Aston Martin performed much better than them in the Austrian Grand Prix. Moreover, Mercedes had P7 and P8 finishes last weekend. The seven-time champion could not beat his own teammate, the 25 years old George Russell. In the post-race interview, Lewis Hamilton mentioned, he is eagerly waiting for the next year with proper fundamental changes to his team’s car. He also praised his team’s engineers for working very hard on the development of the car day and night.

Lewis Hamilton is hopeful that real progress will come out in the next few months. At first, the team thought adding performance on the wind tunnel was enough. But the Briton mentioned that adding performance on the car later would increase bouncing. Currently, the car is progressing slowly. However, Hamilton believes that as the team is going in the right direction it will take time to understand that how far can they reach. Moreover, he even highlighted that the rear end needs to improve a lot. This is because it is not helping the drivers race around the corners.

Hamilton Facing Many Problems In The Mercedes Car

Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes
Lewis Hamilton Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: PlanetF1

The Mercedes driver also mentioned that in terms of being in the car, now he feels much better. He asserted that it feels more like a race car at present. But the seven-time champion cannot wait for the car to get ready to help him win his eighth championship. It might not help this year. But Hamilton is eagerly waiting to start well in 2024. But there are still many races to go this year.

Moreover, there was an incident in the Austrian Grand Prix, where Toto Wolff on the radio sends a terse message saying, “Lewis I know the car is bad, but still please drive it.” It was after Hamilton kept complaining about an awful lot of problems he is facing because of the car. If that was not enough then the F1 stewards kept dishing out warnings and penalties, causing more obstacles for Mercedes.