Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Carlos Sainz Jr. Ferrari Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Source: Essentially Sports

Sir Lewis Hamilton shocked the F1 fans right before the 2024 season. He announced that it was going to be his final year in Mercedes colors. The great Briton has driven Mercedes-powered cars throughout his F1 career, even when he debuted for McLaren in 2007. The Silver Arrows were McLaren’s engine partners. Later, Hamilton joined the German team in 2013. That same year, they had a new team principal, Toto Wolff, joined the team. Moreover, it started the epic collaboration between a team principal and a star driver. The Wolff-Hamilton combo has been the golden generation of Mercedes F1 history. They have won eight constructor titles and six Driver’s championships together.

From 2014 to 2021, the period is called the turbo-hybrid era, which is even better known as the “Mercedes era.” That’s how dominant the German team has been with the Wolff-Hamilton combo. But since 2022, Mercedes has lost its grip on the title and has even found it difficult to win a race. Since 2022, the German team has won only one race. Hence, Lewis Hamilton realized it was high time to switch teams. Later, he took to Instagram to say he is looking for a new challenge as he is about to embark on a new journey with Ferrari. Apparently, the first challenge Lewis Hamilton will face in Ferrari is the task of teaming up with the engineer of Carlos Sainz Jr.


Riccardo Adami To Team Up With Lewis Hamilton

Riccardo Adami Ferrari
Riccardo Adami Ferrari Source:

Since Lewis Hamilton announced his switch to the Italian team, there have been a lot of discussions about the technical consequences of the move. Perhaps Hamilton’s move could convince important engineers of the Brackley team to change their address. With Hamilton, these engineers could find a new home on Italian soil. There was a good possibility for Peter Bonnington to move to Ferrari as he works closely with Hamilton. But it can’t happen because of the anti-poaching clause in the Mercedes contract. There is a clause in Hamilton’s contract with the German team that prevents any sort of “Poaching.” Perhaps the most successful F1 team was ready for such complications.

That’s why Fred Vasseur knows who can work with Lewis Hamilton as closely as Bonnington did in Mercedes. That’s Riccardo Adami who is sufficiently prepared to team up with the seven-time champion. Apparently, Lewis Hamilton has appreciated that solution as well. According to Funoanalysistecnica, Adami has a meek character. He has the ability to stay calm and cool even if the situation is the most agitated moment. It helps the drivers to dock at the “Safe Haven” to catch their breaths. Hence, there is a lot less chance that they will get hurt as certain events can drag them. 

Adami Has Pretty Good Chemistry With Racers Over The Years

Riccardo Adami Carlos Sainz Jr.
Riccardo Adami Carlos Sainz Jr. Source:

Riccardo joined Ferrari in 2015 to follow Sebastian Vettel. For six years, Adami proved his skill as the best engineer for Seb. Even in 2024, Adami was brilliant in guiding the young British racer Oliver Bearman in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia with perfection. There were a lot of people who were not comfortable with Bearman debuting in F1 this season. Moreover, there was no warning that they would catapult Bearman to the world of F1.

In such a situation, totalitarian, emotional, and technical support from Adami made the arduous task look a lot easier. As a result, it seems Ferrari has dissolved its few reservations and entrusted Adami with managing the most successful and decorated F1 racer of all time. However, the Italian team has yet to confirm the news officially. 

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