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Lewis Hamilton Once Again Going Against The FIA & The Government! Raising Voice For LQBTQ Rights In Miami

The 2023 Miami Grand Prix is here. And once again, Lewis Hamilton, known for speaking out on controversial topics, has spoken up to support the LGBTQ community in Florida. The Mercedes superstar has criticized Florida lawmakers, including Governor Ron DeSantis, for enacting laws that harm the rights of LGBTQ individuals. He believes that these laws are unjust and go against providing equal rights for the LGBTQ community. He was uncomfortably participating in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix because of the abolition of human rights prevailing there. Lewis is finding it inappropriate in Florida too, claiming, “it is not good at all.”.

“I Will Wear A Rainbow Helmet” Hamilton In Support Of The LGBTQ Community In Miami Going Against The Government

Lewis Hamilton has been a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, advocating for their rights both in person and on social media. He recently spoke to the Associated Press about the ongoing turmoil in Miami regarding LGBTQ rights, stating that he stands with the community and hopes that the government will take a firm stance against discriminatory laws.

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Meanwhile, Hamilton took a bold step going against the laws of FIA, which restricts the drivers from representing any political matter through F1. He said, “I will have a rainbow on my helmet in Miami.” Just like Saudi Arabia, it is no different in Miami, Lewis admitted.

For those unaware of what is happening in the southeastern region of the United States, here is a brief information:

The lawmakers have implemented an expanded version of parental rights in education for the state. According to these new rules, no school is allowed to use the preferred pronouns if it’s different from what the person’s sex was at the time of birth. If it was a boy, he is a male. If it was a girl, she is a female. No gender specification is allowed to discuss in the classroom. However, this implies only up to the eighth grade. Additionally, the rules prohibit any form of pornography or inappropriate sexual content in the books that students read. Lastly, the law prohibits doctors from providing gender-affirming treatments to transgender minors, and if violated, they could lose their medical license.

This Is Why Lewis Hamilton Still Chooses To Race In Miami

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Lewis Hamilton Supporting the LGBTQ Community In Florida

Apparently, Lewis Hamilton disagrees with the above law. The Mercedes driver is more than sure of the fact that he “does not support it.” He even pledges to continue with his acts that suggest his whole heart support to the community. He will keep wearing the rainbow flag in his helmet even if it goes against FIA. “I really want to continue with the support,” he said to AP. Hamilton does not fears letting the government know that he is standing with the rights of the LGBTQ community despite the state’s targetting them. He also encourages the community to keep fighting for their rights.

Hamilton has realized that the problem in Miami lies with the government employees, not the citizens. Despite this, some may wonder why he continues to race there. It’s because the FIA will still hold the event even if he doesn’t participate. Lewis Hamilton understands that the race will go on with or without him, but he will still show his support by wearing rainbow clothing. He believes that the best way to help is to keep supporting and wearing rainbow apparel at this time.