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Lewis Hamilton Majorly Missing Sebastian Vettel Amid Racial Abuse From Different F1 Teams

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have been rivals for a long time. The Briton driver won his maiden title back in 2008, and Vettel dominated the grid after him from 2010 to 2013. However, Hamilton came back stronger with a new team, Mercedes, and won six more titles between 2014 and 2021. Undoubtedly, this duo can find their names among the all-time greats in Formula One. They had an epic rivalry for more than a decade.

Despite their intense rivalry, Vettel and Hamilton have been really good friends despite Sebastian Vettel’s retirement after the last season. And recently, Lewis Hamilton shared one of the memories he had with his long-time friend cum rival. The Mercedes driver has always been vocal about equality in sports and life. But being the only black driver in Formula One has not been easy. He had to fight his way through to become a champion. There were times when some F1 rivals made racist comments about him. The seven-time champion mentioned that Sebastian Vettel was one of them who supported him immensely.


Lewis Hamilton Grateful For The Support And Feels Sebastian Vettel Is The Bravest Driver He Has Ever Seen

Sebastian Vettel Lewis Hamilton
Sebastian Vettel Lewis Hamilton Source: Eurosport

Hamilton appeared on the program, ‘True Driver’ of DAZN and discussed how the world needs empathy. How can he get people to empathize more? That’s when Sebastian Vettel joined hands with Lewis Hamilton to express support for the same cause. Hamilton was also a flag bearer of ‘Black Lives Matter’ in the F1 community back in 2020. And Sebastian Vettel knelt down with his friend cum foe, marking protests against the hate crimes back at the beginning of the current decade. That is why Hamilton acknowledged Vettel as the bravest driver he had ever seen.

The Briton believes that Vettel made him aware of some F1 teams making racist comments about him. According to Lewis, there are certain laws that must change to make people’s lives better. They risk their lives to do their best to educate others. Both Hamilton and Vettel have an interest in working for environmentalism. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton concentrates on his work for social activism. He marks protests to support the LGBTQ community. He is also proud of his project, Mission 44, which he launched in London and planning to expand in the United States of America and in Africa as well.

Hamilton Plans To Focus More On The Eighth Title And His Activism

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Hamilton’s project Mission 44, aims to help underprivileged children reach their goals. These children can be engineers or whatever they want to be with the help of Mission 44. However, about his career, Hamilton mentioned that he is just waiting for the eighth title. He does not care where or what position he finishes this year.

But his goal is to be the first driver in history to win eight titles. For that, he needs the perfect car from his team. However, nobody knows when Mercedes will end up giving him such a car again. The Brackley team has been really struggling for a couple of years. Moreover, Hamilton missed his chance narrowly of winning the eighth championship back in 2021.