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Sir Lewis Hamilton has unfortunately been winless since 2022, and Mercedes has been struggling constantly. They have not won a race and could only manage a couple of pole positions since 2023. Last year, it was the seven-time champion who managed to win his 104th pole position that came in the Hungarian Grand Prix. In 2024, Hamilton’s teammate George Russell won the pole position in Canada. So far, this ongoing season, the Canadian Grand Prix has been the most successful race for the Brackley outfit.

They enjoyed a pole position as well as got a podium finish, thanks to George Russell. However, Lewis Hamilton is still waiting for his first podium finish in 2024. It is going to be his final season for the German outfit. Next year, he will move to the Prancing Horse and wear the iconic ‘Red’ Ferrari uniform. But before he ends his 11-year-long collaboration with Mercedes, he would love to win a few more races. Perhaps the chances for that to happen has risen a little bit, especially after how the car performed in Canada.


Lewis Hamilton Believes There’s A Key Upgrade That Helped In Improving W15

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Recently, in an interview with Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton revealed that the key upgrade has been the “Incremental steps” with the car. Moreover, the seven-time champion said, “P1 was so-so.” During P1, he went in one direction with the Mercedes W15 car. As a result, they learned a lot about the car during this session. But in P2, the seven-time champion mentioned that the car felt much better. Moreover, Hamilton added that the team had made some good changes, and it was feeling great on the race day. However, the Mercedes superstar mentioned that the track was pretty hot. It became difficult for the tires, especially in the long run.

Lewis Hamilton said he would not take too much notice of lap times. He believes the W15 car is not too far off. Moreover, the seven-time champion feels their car is in a much better place at the moment. Nonetheless, the British great believes they still have some work to do to improve the car overnight. Then, they can try to see if they can hold on to the top three teams – Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes is emphasizing making “Incremental steps” rather than introducing big chunks left and right. These incremental steps are apparently taking the German outfit where they want to go with the car.

The Seven-Time Champion Is Happy With The Work That’s Going On In The Factory

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Lewis Hamilton said everybody is working so hard in the factory. Moreover, the great Briton feels the team has a bit of a north star. That’s what has been helping them understand the car better. He is grateful that the team is constantly bringing the building components rather than just some big chunks “Here and there.” That’s the reason why Hamilton thinks the fan can see how comfortable the drivers have been lately with W15.

Moreover, Lewis Hamilton told the media, including, that Mercedes has been bringing upgrades every race since Imola. Big and small upgrades have helped them understand the car better. Moreover, Hamilton thinks the W15 car is working well over kerbs and bumps. Hence, the ride has been smooth. And these marginal gains have helped Mercedes with better lap times.

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