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Lewis Hamilton Hits Back As Jenson Button Subs Former Teammate To Vote Max Verstappen As Most Fierce Driver

Ever since Max Verstappen robbed Lewis Hamilton of his historic eighth world championship at the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the stalwart duo has been at loggerheads. To be fair to Verstappen, he won the race fair and square, at least from his side. However, the year 2021 gave rise to a fresh rivalry between two of the most fierce drivers of the grid.

Since the fateful night of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Max Verstappen became unstoppable and unbeatable. He defended his title in 2022 and will certainly retain it again in 2023. However, Lewis Hamilton is having trouble adjusting to Verstappen’s era of dominance. He recently downplayed the Dutchman’s success, which caused a major stir. Now, his former teammate, Jenson Button, has snubbed him to side with his rival.


Jenson Button Picks Max Verstappen As The Most Fearful Driver On The Grid!

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At the Italian Grand Prix held earlier this month, Lewis Hamilton caused a major controversy. He discredited Max Verstappen’s dominance by saying the latter never had to face tough teammates like he did during his era of dominance in Mercedes. Lewis added that the hype around Verstappen’s massive success is media-orchestrated. The comment definitely did not sit well with the Dutchman, who accused Hamilton of being “jealous” of his success. Even Red Bull principal Christian Horner hit back at the British driver by calling him a hypocrite. Now, one of the Mercedes ace’s own teammates has sided with Verstappen in the whole debate.

Jenson Button, the former F1 champion, was mates with Lewis Hamilton from 2010-2012 at McLaren. The Briton was outperformed throughout the three seasons by Button. In fact, Jenson was among the strong teammates mentioned by Hamilton. Yet, the British driver failed to garner support from him. “I think Lewis has had some very tough teammates. But, for me, I would be more fearful going up against Max in the same car,” Button said via Sky Sports News. The former champion explained his point, saying Max is being provided with a car that is suitable to his driving style. Adrian Newey is kind to the Dutch driver in this regard. Hence, Button believes that a driver is most dangerous while driving machinery that suits his style, which makes Verstappen lethal.

Lewis Hamilton Hits Back At F1 Legend For “Lost Hunger” Remark!

Lewis Hamilton
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After an underwhelming weekend at the Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was caught at the center of criticism. Former three-time F1 champion Jackie Stewart slammed the British driver for his subpar performance. Stewart went on to say that the Briton no longer has the hunger to fight for the championship, especially since Mercedes witnessed rare struggles.

Naturally, a vocal person like Lewis Hamilton was not going to sit back and take unjust criticism. He hit out at Jackie by calling him a “small-minded” person. He added that only people with narrow mindset issues such kind of comments because they are unaware of the hard work being put in behind the scenes. Hamilton concluded, saying he is working on being fully equipped when the car is ready to compete for a championship.