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Lewis Hamilton Comes Out In Support Of Sergio Perez Amid Red Bull’s 2024 Second Seat Drama!

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Red Bull’s Sergio Perez have both struggled in the current season. Neither of them has been successful enough to catch up with Max Verstappen’s dominance throughout the season. Albeit, Checo had won a couple of races earlier in the first half of this season. But then he faded away for all sorts of reasons.

The Mexican driver had a few DNFs and a number of Q3 eliminations. Moreover, the pressure was just piling up, as on the other end, Max Verstappen was just winning almost every other race. Hence, the Dutchman has not been making life easier for his teammate in Red Bull. Recently, in an interview with Fox Sports Television, Lewis Hamilton acknowledged the delicate condition of Sergio Perez.


Lewis Hamilton Believes Red Bull Has Not Been Very Supportive Towards Sergio Perez This Season

Lewis Hamilton Sergio Perez
Lewis Hamilton Sergio Perez Source: The Sports Rush

Moreover, Hamilton mentioned that Red Bull never had a one-two finish at the end of a season standings. But with Checo, they have got that chance. Even then, Hamilton feels Red Bull has not shown justifyingly enough some massive support to Sergio Perez. Adding to that, Lewis Hamilton said a couple of spokespersons of the Red Bull team had not helped Checo psychologically to improve. They have not been of great help to the Mexican driver. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton also gave a hypothetical situation where Toto Wolff would criticize him over the weekend and how tough it would get then for the seven-time champion.

But the Briton feels that Sergio Perez handled the situation as well as he could. After all said and done, Lewis Hamilton is the closest rival of Sergio Perez at present for a P2 finish in the 2023 season. With only four more Grand Prix to go, Lewis Hamilton is only 39 points behind Checo. Can the seven-time champion snatch the second place away from the Mexican driver at the end of the current ongoing season? Sergio Perez has never really won a Grand Prix at the Mexican circuit. Hence, he must be eager to finish at least on the podium this weekend.

How Difficult The Whole Situation Is For Checo At Present?

Sergio Perez Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

Moreover, there are talks in the media regarding the Austrian team looking for Checo’s replacement. Lately, the Red Bull boss confirmed the rumor. It is true that Horner’s team will replace Sergio Perez in the next or the 2025 season. But it is inevitable. After all, Checo lost his edge since the Miami Grand Prix. He said the car changed, and he had a hard time understanding and adapting to the RB19 car since the Grand Prix in Miami.

Moreover, the Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has never really been kind to Checo as he has been to Max Verstappen. The fans and experts even criticized Marko for being racist at times towards Sergio Perez. Anyway, to cope up with the pressure, Checo hired a mental coach who helped him a bit to gain self-confidence. Since then, the Mexican driver was able to gain a few podium finishes. But it is not hard to notice the constant pressure that Checo is living under.