Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Source: ESPN

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been an absolute legend of the sport. He has won several accolades over his long and illustrious career. Moreover, the great Briton is the most successful racer in the history of the game. Albeit, he has won as many Driver’s World Championships as Michael Schumacher. But no other driver than Hamilton has been able to win more than 100 races in their F1 career. Over the years, the Mercedes superstar has faced several epic battles and rivalries that became very popular in the following years. The last time an F1 season saw an epic battle between two drivers was in 2021. Moreover, Lewis Hamilton was on his way to win his eighth coveted championship.

It would have been his fifth title on the trot. But fortune did not favor him in the last race of the season. In the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP, the race director made some controversial calls that allowed Max Verstappen to have an unfair advantage over Hamilton. Max was driving with fresh tires, unlike Hamilton, and eventually, the Dutchman broke the streak of the great Briton. Even after three years, it is controversial and somewhat relevant. After all, Lewis Hamilton faces the danger of losing his maiden title to Felipe Massa. Hence, he may also claim the 2021 title from Max, as the Brazilian is trying to do from him. 


Will Lewis Hamilton Claim The 2021 Title From Max Verstappen?

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 44 Lewis Hamilton GBR, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, 33 Max Verstappen NED, Red Bull Racing, F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi at Yas Marina Circuit on December 11, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Photo by Kamran Jebreili/AP/FIA Pool via HOCH ZWEI Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Poolfoto HOCH ZWEI/Pool/AP ,EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

Recently, Peter Windsor, an F1 journalist, stated on his YouTube video that the authorities should not have counted the final lap of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP. Lewis Hamilton rightly deserved to win the championship that year. Windsor thinks Lewis Hamilton, deep down, might be willing to give the 2008 crown to Felipe Massa if he gets the 2021 title. Losing the 2021 championship is still very fresh for the Hamilton fans and, of course, for the racer himself.

That year, he could have won his coveted eighth title. But those controversial decisions of Michael Masi shattered his dream. In a somewhat similar situation, Felipe Massa lost his F1 championship to Lewis Hamilton back in 2008. Since then, it had been 15 years when the Brazilian driver went to court claiming the 2008 title back. Moreover, Massa is trying to find legal ways to reclaim the 2008 crown. As per Windsor, Lewis Hamilton can do the same regarding the 2021 title. 

Felipe Massa Is Challenging Hamilton’s 2008 Crown On The Basis Of “Crashgate”

Felipe Massa Lewis Hamilton
Felipe Massa Lewis Hamilton Source: PlanetF1

Initially, F1 declared the Brazilian driver as the world champion after Massa won the last race in his country in 2008. Later, Lewis Hamilton made one last overtake that gave him a points lead over Felipe Massa within a matter of seconds. As a result, Hamilton won his maiden title in his sophomore season. However, the basis of Massa’s challenge after 15 years of losing the title to Hamilton was the Singaporean GP in 2008. What happened was Fernando Alonso pitted quite early in Singapore just after a few laps. Later, the Spaniard’s teammate Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed, which triggered the safety car.

Meanwhile, other racers pitted, but Alonso continued racing. Eventually, the two-time champion won the Singaporean GP in 2008. In the following years, a report suggested that Renault ordered Nelson Piquet Jr. to crash so that Fernando Alonso could win the race. According to Felipe Massa, it was an unfair way to win a race. Hence, the results of that race should be canceled. If Massa wins that case, then Hamilton will lose six points. In the process, Massa will win the 2008 title.

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