Lewis Hamilton & Fernando Alonso
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Formula One drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso had a long rivalry since their McLaren days. Even when they were teammates, their rivalry was more popular than their friendship. But they have come a long way in their careers. Currently, the duo is the oldest racers in Formula One. Alonso joined Aston Martin very recently and is performing well this season.

Generally, F1 fans get to see the three powerhouses – Red Bull, Mercedes, and Ferrari race for the title. But this year, Aston Martin is lucky to have Fernando Alonso, who has helped them get to title contention. And the credit goes to Aston Martin’s car, AMR23. Aston Martin is a customer of both Mercedes and Red Bull and uses a lot of their products in their car, AMR23. Since then, the Spaniard is back in title contention this season. But Lewis Hamilton is gradually closing the gap between him and the Spaniard. In Canada GP last weekend, Hamilton even joked about Alonso’s reaction time getting slower due to age. But looks like Damon Hill did not find the joke hilarious.


Damon Hill Suggests Hamilton Is Playing With Fire

Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso
Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso Source: PlanetF1

Just at the start of the Canadian GP last weekend, Lewis Hamilton seemed faster than Fernando Alonso. Although, the Aston Martin driver took over the Mercedes ace in the middle of the race and dragged him at his tail till the chequered flag. However, in the post-race interview, Lewis Hamilton joked about it, saying, “Fernando’s reaction time is getting slower. It’s an age thing.” The two-time champion was close and heard the joke. Hence he replied, “Austria, two weeks’ time.” Then, the two veterans had a laugh, and later, Alonso patted Hamilton on his shoulders. Clearly, it was a funny banter between two F1 legends. But Damon Hill, the 1996 World Champion, spoke to Express Sport, saying, “Lewis Hamilton is playing with fire.” The reason why Hill feels the provoking was dangerous is because Hamilton is not that younger than Alonso. The 1996 F1 champion is not taking the joke lightly because it may later backfire.

Lewis Hamilton is 38, while Alonso is 41 at present. Like the Mercedes driver gained an advantage at the start of the race in Montreal, Canada, Fernando Alonso, in the end, was able to beat the seven-time champion. That is why Hill feels Hamilton should learn something from Alonso. The 1996 champion suggests that the Spaniard teaches that after 40, there is still life in F1 racing. And Hamilton should follow in his footsteps if he wants to continue for two-three more years at least. Moreover, Fernando Alonso is hungry to win more titles as he has been stuck on two for a very long time. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver of the sport. So, the race for wins is, anyway very deadly.

Lewis Hamilton And Fernando Alonso Are Competing For Second Place

Mercedes & Aston Martin
Mercedes & Aston Martin Source: Sky Sports

The seven-time champion is only 15 points behind Fernando Alonso after the Canadian Grand Prix. But the question is how soon can the Briton get past him if he wants to fight for the title. Albeit, Max Verstappen is 78 points ahead of Fernando Alonso, who is in third place. Hence, both Hamilton and Alonso have a lot to catch up to. However, both veterans have gone head to head for a P2 finish this season twice. At first, in Australia, Lewis Hamilton went past Alonso to get a P2 finish. Recently, in Montreal, Canada, the Spaniard made it even.