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Lewis Hamilton Accepts His Defeat To Max Verstappen Once Again, Sure Of Red Bull Winning Both Titles

Lewis Hamilton once said, “I am trying to take back the championship that was taken from me.” And apparently, the one who took it again was Max Verstappen only. Perhaps Hamilton was talking about the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where he was about to win his eighth world title but was restricted from winning because it was meant for Verstappen, who finished the last lap first. Hamilton indeed came back in 2022 to take that back, but never mind. He again came in 2023 to win the championship to break Shumacher’s world record.

But seems like, the constant disappointments have broken the seven-time world champion’s faith. Last year Max Verstappen defeated him in 15 races, and again this year, the “Mad Max” is on. With this, Lewis Hamilton somehow started believing that the 2023 F1 championship is meant for Verstappen once again like it was in 2021. Except for this time, Mercedes won’t be battling hard enough for it.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton – (Mercedes) Formula One

In the Bahrain Grand Prix, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez not only won the race by a one-two finish, but they also showed the trailer of the 2023 F1 movie. Not just us, but also Lewis Hamilton already somehow knows the plot, Verstappen will win his third title until Charles Leclerc gets a powerful SF23. Fernando Alonso may find a way to re-ignite his dignity. But where comes Hamilton? Probably somewhere after fourth outside the podium. This is not our prediction; this is what he himself believes.

Lewis Hamilton Can See Max Verstappen As A Champion After His Seemless Wins

After getting a P5 and P7 in Bahrain, Lewis Hamilton’s confidence has been shaken down. For the first time, he showed his anger for Mercedes. Also, for the first time, we saw Hamilton’s little outburst for the team, who provided a porpoising car and downforce less car to him. He said, “I told them last year, but they didn’t listen.” Now, when finally they ignored Hamilton and found the W14 worthless, Mercedes realized that the seven-time world champion was right. They got it; Mercedes gotta listen to what the Briton says, and now they need to work on it.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton At Sakhir International Circuit

The Silver Arrows made a weak car which destroyed Hamilton’s chances to become a champion again before retiring. He is the most experienced driver at present, and he does not forget to mention it when he advises his team to make a better car. Now with his experience, he also fears not considering Max Verstappen as the champion of the season. Lewis Hamilton can see what confidence a driver gains after becoming a back-to-back world champion. He knows that Max Verstappen has everything to win it.

Speaking of Red Bull, Lewis Hamilton appreciates the team for their brilliant work. “I think Red Bull was not even pushing hard at the end at Sakhir. And still they ahead of all,” he said to In the end, he mentioned that Max Verstappen “is very, very confident” and has no slips up, which will not let him win the championship.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Looks like with his experienced eyes, which have seen 103 GP wins, Hamilton can see Verstappen as focused as ever. Now what happens next with Mercedes depends on Jedah and Melbourne. Let’s see where fate leads Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.