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LeBron James Unwilling To Leave Anthony Davis Hanging Out In Dry, Will Move Away From LA Only After Davis

LeBron James has reportedly put on a condition before the LA Lakers regarding his trade that includes Anthony Davis.

James and Davis are both integral parts of the Lakers’ success. Since teaming up in the 2019 season, the duo has led the Lakers to their first championship in a decade. They have shown that they are one of the most dominant pairs in the NBA and have become a force to be reckoned with on the court. However, fans have smelled trouble in paradise this season due to the Lakers’ constant failures.


According to a few reports, the dynamic duo is at loggerheads and not seeing eye to eye. AD further added fuel to the fire with a weird gesture to LeBron’s historic moment when he became the leading point scorer in NBA. However, both at times have denied the rumors of any such rifts. Moreover, if fresh rumors are to be believed, LeBron James is looking out for Anthony Davis and refuses to leave him out in the cold.

LeBron James’ Future With The Lakers Depends On Anthony Davis

LeBron James & Anthony Davis (Lakers) Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Lakers have built a team around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They are the two best players on the team, and the rest of the group is constructed to support their strengths. However, the team has struggled this year as the duo played a lot less as a pair due to injury concerns. Hence, rumors surrounding James’ trade at the end of the season are rife. But there is a catch. James, 38, wants to drop curtains on his 20-year-long glorious career in style by winning a championship. And considering the Lakers’ form from the past two seasons, his goal looks unlikely to come true in LA.

Hence, LeBron James is considering moving away from the Lakers. However, James is not going anywhere until he secures the future of his pal, Anthony Davis. LeBron played a huge part in bringing AD to the Lakers. Hence, according to Sean Deveney of Heavy Sports, James feels obligated to secure Davis’ future. Subsequently, LeBron has put forth a condition that he leaves Hollywood only after AD secures a trade deal. James’ gestures come at a time when rumors of a potential rift between the two stalwarts are doing rounds on social media. Whereas the veteran, on his part, has always been a big admirer of Davis and treats him like a brother.

Fox Sports Analyst Sparks Anthony Davis Trade Rumors

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis is sometimes described as a “unicorn,” but he’s really more of a sphinx. Photograph by Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty

Before the All-Star break, rumors surfaced that Anthony Davis wanted to leave the Lakers owing to their constant struggle. However, post the break, the forward has played like a beast to secure a place in the playoffs. Meanwhile, a Fox Sports Analyst has reignited the trade rumors. Colin Cowherd posted a tweet after the Lakers’ win against the Grizzlies.

He wrote that AD’s dominating performance is going to increase his trade value, which he needs badly while coming into the trade market at the end of the season. Davis has been the guiding force of the Lakers, along with LeBron for the Lakers. Hence, the team would not let AD leave if they secured a place in the playoffs.