LeBron James Lakers Workout
LeBron James Lakers Workout Source: Merdiano

LeBron James has proved again and again why he is among the greatest players of all time. Nobody can deny his work ethic and commitment to the team. He became the top scorer in the league’s history last season. The kid from Akron, Ohio, would break the Captain’s scoring record. Who would have thought that? Certainly not LeBron James, as he mentioned he never thought about leading the league in scoring. Instead, he thought about leading the league in assists.

Well, LBJ is not very far away from that, either. He is number four on the list of all-time assists. Moreover, he is a record 19-time All-Star. But more importantly, he is a four-time MVP and has won four championships. Hence, any player in the NBA would even dream to have half of his resume in their career. That’s how illustrious LBJ’s 20-year-long career has been. Moreover, he is not planning to stop at 20 seasons. Instead, he is working out hard like a rookie in his preparation for the next season.


LeBron James Is Training Like A Rookie Ahead Of His 21st NBA Season

LeBron James Lakers Workout
LeBron James Lakers Workout Source: Sky Sports

Currently, he is training even more passionately than ever before. LeBron James will be 39 next December. No matter how healthy he looks, LBJ won’t like to wait any longer to win his fifth championship ring. But if he plays for another five years, he’ll have his chance of winning more titles. Moreover, LeBron James mentioned he feels really good about his fitness. He is running faster and jumping higher than most of the kids in the league who are in their 20s. Recently, in a news conference, Darvin Ham, the head coach, and Rob Pelinka, the GM of the Los Angeles Lakers, talked about the team’s lineup and everything ahead of the preseason. But Rob Pelinka said LeBron James is prepping like a rookie for his 21st season.

It is absolutely incredible to see how a player who played in 20 seasons is still so motivated to win. The Lakers GM further added that LeBron James always sets the bar high for the rest of his teammates as he starts his workouts at 6 a.m. Moreover, Rob Pelinka suggests LBJ spent more time in their building than other players. LeBron James spends a lot of time in the weight room. Pelinka believes he sets the tone for any team he has played for, but it has only increased ever since he joined the Lakers. Seeing LBJ working so hard at 38 lifts the spirits of his teammates.

LBJ Constantly Defies The Age Factor

LeBron James Lakers 2020 NBA Title
LeBron James Lakers 2020 NBA Title Source: Complex

LeBron James has defied all odds about the age factor. Age is just not an obstacle for King James. If he wants, he can play for another five years. That’s what the Lakers owner Jeanie Buss feels, too. Moreover, it seems like individual accomplishments are not enough for LBJ. Winning championships has always been the aim of LBJ.

Moreover, the Lakers look pretty balanced and deep after a brilliant offseason they had. They executed their plans perfectly. Hence, there is no doubt about the LA side being a top contender for the title next season. If the Lakers can reach the conference finals after a terrible start to a season like last time, then they can surely go further to win it all when everything looks pretty sorted in their locker room.